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Suzuki Hiroyuki

Researcher's full information

  • Cell type-specific regulation of the TGf-beta- responsive alpha 2(I) collagen gene by CpG methylation
    Yamane K; Suzuki H; Ihn H; Kato M; Yoshikawa H; Tamaki K
    JOURNAL OF CELLULAR PHYSIOLOGY/202(3)/pp.822-830, 2005-03
  • Roles of vascular endothelial growth factor receptor 3 signaling in differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cell-derived vascular progenitor cells into endothelial cells
    Suzuki H; Watabe T; Kato M; Miyazawa K; Miyazono K
    BLOOD/105(6)/pp.2372-2379, 2005-03
  • Interaction with Smad4 is indispensable for suppression of BMP signaling by c-Ski.
    Takeda M; Mizuide M; Oka M; Watabe T; Inoue H; Suzuki H; ...
    Mol Biol Cell/15(3)/p.963 972, 2004-03
  • c-Ski inhibits the TGF-β signaling pathway through stabilization of inactive Smad complexes on Smad-binding elements.
    Suzuki H; Yagi K; Kondo M; Kato M; Miyazono K; Miyazawa K.
    Oncogene/23/p.5068-5076, 2004-01
  • c-Ski inhibits the TGF-β signaling pathway through stabilization of inactive Smad complexes on Smad-binding elements.
    Hiroyuki Suzuki; Ken Yagi; Miki Kondo; Kato Mitsuyasu; Ko...
    Oncogene/23/pp.5068-5076, 2004-01
  • Transforming growth factor-beta signaling is differentially inhibited by Smad2D450E and Smad3D407E
    Kondo M; Suzuki H; Takehara K; Miyazono K; Kano M
    CANCER SCIENCE/95(1)/pp.12-17, 2004-01
  • A role for Id in the regulation of TGF-beta-induced epithelial-mesenchymal transdifferentiation.
    Kondo M; Cubillo E; Tobiume K; Shirakihara T; Fukuda N; S...
    Cell Death Differ/11(10)/p.1092 1101, 2004-01
  • Regulation of TGF-beta signaling and its roles in progression of tumors.
    Miyazono K; Suzuki H; Imamura T.
    Cancer Sci/94(3)/p.230 234, 2003-03
  • Lymphoid enhancer factor 1 makes cells resistant to transforming growth factor beta-induced repression of c-myc.
    Sasaki T; Suzuki H; Yagi K; Furuhashi M; Yao R; Susa S; N...
    Cancer Res./63(4)/p.801 806, 2003-02
  • Dephosphorylated hypoxia-inducible factor 1alpha as a mediator of p53-dependent apoptosis during hypoxia
    Suzuki H; Tomida A; Tsuruo T
    Oncogene/20(41)/p.5779 5788, 2001-09
  • Overexpression of the csk gene suppresses tumor metastasis in vivo.
    Nakagawa T; Tanaka S; Suzuki H; Takayanagi H; Miyazaki T;...
    Int J Cancer/88(3)/p.384 391, 2000-11
  • A novel mutant from apoptosis-resistant colon cancer HT-29 cells showing hyper-apoptotic response to hypoxia, low glucose and cisplatin.
    Suzuki H; Tomida A; Tsuruo T
    Jpn J Cancer Res./89/p.1169-1178, 1998-11
  • Glucose-regulated stresses cause decreased expression of cyclin D1 and hypophosphorylation of retinoblastoma protein in human cancer cells.
    Tomida A; Suzuki H; Kim HD; Tsuruo T
    Oncogene/13/p.2699-2705, 1996-12