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Ho Kiong

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  • Trypanosoma brucei RNA Triphosphatase: Anti-Protozoal Drug Target and Guide to Eukaryotic Phylogeny.
    Ho CK; Shuman S.; HO KIONG
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  • An Essential Function of Saccharomyces cerevicieae RNA Triphosphatase Cet1 is to Stabilize RNA Guanylyltransferase Ceg1 Against Thermal Inactivation.
    Hausmann S Ho CK Schwer B and Shuman S.
    J. Biol. Chem./276/p.36116-36124, 2001-01
  • Structure and Mechanism of the RNA Triphosphatase Component of Mammalian mRNA Capping Enzyme.
    Changela A; Ho CK; Martins A; Shuman S; and Mondragon A.;...
    EMBO J./20/p.2575-2586, 2001-01
  • The Length, Primary Structure and Phosphorylation State of the RNA Polymerase II CTD Dictate Interactions with the mRNA Capping Enzymes.
    Pei Y; Hausmann S; Ho CK; Schwer B; and Shuman S.; +HO KIONG
    J. Biol. Chem./276/p.28075-28082, 2001-01
  • Importance of Homodimerization for the in vivo Function of Yeast RNA Triphosphatase.
    Lehman K Ho CK and Shuman S.
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  • A Yeast-Based Genetic System for Functional Analysis of Viral mRNA Capping Enzymes
    Ho CK; Martins A; Shuman S
    JOURNAL OF VIROLOGY/74(12)/pp.5486-5494, 2000-06