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Hasegawa Hidehiko

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Conference, etc.
  • A Mixed Precision Iterative Method with Fast Quadruple Precision Arithmetic Operation tuned by SSE2
    Kotakemori Hisahi; Hasegawa Hidehiko
    the 5th International Workshop on Parallel Matrix Algorithms and Applications (PMAA 08)/2008-06-20--2008-06-22
  • Utilizing the Quadruple-Precision Floating-Point Arithmetic Operation for the Krylov Subspace Methods,
    Hidehiko Hasegawa
  • Numerical Comparison of Accelerating Polynomials in Product-Type Iterative Methods
    Hidehiko Hasegawa; Kuniyoshi Abe; Shao-Liang Zhang
  • Preconditioner's effects versus quadruple precision operation for Krylov subspace methods
    Hidehiko hasegawa; kuniyosi Abe; Shao-Liang Zhang