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Inoue Tomoo

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  • User’s Communication Behavior in a Pseudo Same-room Videoconferencing System BHS
    Inoue Tomoo; Nawahdah Mamoun; Noguchi Yasuhito
    International Journal of Informatics Society/6(2)/pp.39-47, 2014-11
  • A dining agent system that gives comfortable and slow food to a solo diner
    井上 智雄; 塩原 拓人
    IPSJ Transactions on Digital Content/2(2)/pp.29-37, 2014-08
  • Investigating the relation between behavior and result in pair programming: Talk and work leads to success
    Inoue Tomoo
    The Journal of Information and Systems in Education/12(1)/pp.39-49, 2014-03
  • Virtual soccer tactics analysis system that used tracking data
    権藤 聡志; 樽川 香澄; 井上 智雄; 岡田 謙一
    IPSJ Transactions on Digital Content/2(1)/pp.8-15, 2014-02
  • Toward the operation guidelines for municipal social media account: From the analysis of user’s behavior on Twitter in the Great East Japan Earthquake
    Inoue Tomoo
    International Journal of Informatics Society/5(3)/p.137, 2013-12
  • Collaborative workspace using multiple perspectives for supporting soccer strategy meetings
    楢川 香澄; 井上 智雄; 岡田 謙一
    IPSJ Transactions on Digital Content/1(1)/pp.19-26, 2013-08
  • Setting the best view of a virtual teacher in a mixed reality physical-task learning support system
    Nawahdah Mamoun; Inoue Tomoo
    Journal of Systems and Software/86(7)/pp.1738-1750, 2013-07
  • Tabletop dish recommendation system for social dining: Group FDT design based on the investigations of dish recommendation
    Otsuka Yuichiro; Hu Junshan; Inoue Tomoo
    Journal of Information Processing/21(1)/pp.100-108, 2013
  • Showing Meal in Video-mediated Table Talk Makes Conversation Close to Face-to-face
    古川 大智; 井上 智雄
    IPSJ Journal/54(1)/pp.266-274, 2013-01
  • Iterative design of adaptive tabletop dish recommendation by the real-time recognition of dining status
    Inoue Tomoo
    International Journal of Informatics Society/4(1)/pp.51-58, 2012-04
  • Being Here: Enhancing the Presence of a Remote Person through Real-Time Display Integration of the Remote Figure and the Local Background
    Nawahdah Mamoun; Inoue Tomoo
    Transactions of the Virtual Reality Society of Japan/17(2)/pp.101-109, 2012-06
  • Effects of native speaker’s text input in the debate-style conversation with a non-native speaker
    宋暁宇; 塙裕美; 井上 智雄
    IPSJ SIG Technical Report/2018-GN-104(10)/pp.1-6, 2018-03
  • A conversational agent for a non-native speaker to talk with a native speaker
    郭子璇; 唐夢苑; 井上 智雄
    IEICE Technical Report/117(509)/pp.107-112, 2018-03
  • A self-guided mental healthcare digital content for smartphone VR based on the counseling technique SAT method
    伊藤 達哉; 紙田 剛; 松本 敦子; 徐 炯達; 楊 珍; 宗像 恒次;...
    IPSJ SIG Technical Report/2018-DCC-18(37)/pp.1-8, 2018-01
  • Assessment of a self-guided mental healthcare system by smartphone VR
    伊藤 達哉; 紙田 剛; 松本 敦子; 徐 炯達; 楊 珍; 宗像 恒次;...
    VRSJ Research Report/22(CS-4)/pp.11-14, 2017-12
  • Support of remote collaborative work by mutual surrogates system
    片山 直樹; 高津 良介; 井上 智雄; 重野 寛
    IPSJ Symposium Series, 14th Workshop on Groupware and Network Services/vol.2017/pp.1-8, 2017-11
  • Speakers’ empowerment with keywords: the speaking competency development for multilingual to contribute in a real-time interaction
    Hanawa Hiromi; Song Xiaoyu; Tang Mengyuan; Inoue Tomoo
    Lecture Notes in Computer Science/10391/pp.148-163, 2017-08
  • Keyword generation by native speaker is quick and useful in conversation between native and non-native speaker
    Hanawa Hiromi; Song Xiaoyu; Inoue Tomoo
    Proceedings of the 2017 IEEE 21th International Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work in Design (CSCWD 2017)/pp.145-150, 2017-04
  • Investigation of native speaker’s text input in the conversation with non-native speaker
    于 睿政; 唐 夢苑; 宋 暁宇; 塙 裕美; 井上 智雄
    IEICE Technical Report/116(524)/pp.23-28, 2017-03
  • Support of spatial collective work by mutual surrogates at two remote sites
    片山 直樹; 高津 良介; 井上 智雄; 重野 寛
    IPSJ SIG Technical Report/2017-GN-101(29)/pp.1-8, 2017-03
  • A VR self mental healthcare system by SAT-based method
    中西 明日輝; 野口 康人; 中島 寿哉; 楊 珍; 松本 敦子; 紙田...
    IPSJ SIG Technical Report/2017-DCC-15(35)/pp.1-8, 2017-01
  • Development of a SAT-based self mental healthcare system adopting immersive head-mounted display
    中西 明日輝; 野口 康人; 中島 寿哉; 楊 珍; 松本 敦子; 紙田...
    VRSJ Research Report/21(CS-4)/pp.7-10, 2016-12
  • Speech speed awareness system for a non-native speaker
    Xu Jiongda; Liao Wei; Inoue Tomoo
    Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Collaboration Technologies and Systems/pp.43-50, 2016-10
  • A wearable system with individual cuing for theatrical performance practice
    Takatsu Ryosuke; Katayama Naoki; Inoue Tomoo; Shigeno Hir...
    Proceedings of the 22nd International Conference, CRIWG 2016/LNCS 9848/pp.37-49, 2016-09
  • Key-typing on teleconference: Collaborative effort on cross-cultural discussion
    Hanawa Hiromi; Song Xiaoyu; Inoue Tomoo
    the 8th International Conference, CollabTech 2016/CCIS 647/pp.74-88, 2016-09