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Inoue Tomoo

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  • Application of a chat bot to a digital contents for self-mental care
    伊藤達哉; 紙田剛; 井上 智雄
  • Virtual reality course based on the SAT counseling method for self-guided mental healthcare
    Ito Tatsuya; Kamita Takeshi; Matsumoto Atsuko; Munakata T...
    The Sixth IEEE International Conference on Healthcare Informatics (ICHI 2018)/2018-06-04--2018-06-07
  • Sharing the positional relationship with the bidirectional telepresence robots
    Katayama Naoki; Inoue Tomoo; Shigeno Hiroshi
    The 2018 IEEE 22th International Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work in Design (CSCWD 2018)/2018-05-09--2018-05-11
  • Effects of native speaker’s text input in the conversation with non-native speaker
    宋暁宇; 塙裕美; 井上 智雄
  • Influence of posture in co-dining conversation: Comparison between stand-up and seated conversation over meal
    野口 康人; 川本 裕貴; 井上 智雄
    ヒューマンコミュニケーション基礎 HCS2013-124 (2014-03)/2014-03-04--2014-03-05
  • Pair programming system based on text chat: A preliminary study on learner-learner interaction
    佐々木 孝輔; 林 勇吾; 井上 智雄
  • Study of auditory positioning for remote conversation by multiple participants
    叶 璟; 野口 康人; 井上 智雄
  • Proposal of contact reception support system using an interest level
    牧 宥作; 権藤 聡志; 井上 智雄; 岡田 謙一
  • A co-dining agent system for solitary eating
    井上 智雄; 塩原 拓人
    ヒューマンコミュニケーション基礎 HCS2014-27 (2014-05)/2014-05-29--2014-05-30
  • Behavioral and psychological difference between standing and seated co-dining
    野口 康人; 井上 智雄
  • Method of creating illustrations by crowd-sourced microtasks
    佐々木 孝輔; 平田 章; 井上 智雄
  • Distributed auditory positioning for remote conversation by multiple participants
    叶 璟; 野口 康人; 井上 智雄
  • Support of orchestra performance by multiple virtual conductors
    高津 良介; 牧 宥作; 権藤 聡志; 井上 智雄; 岡田謙一
  • Effects of distributed auditory localization for remote conversation by multiple participants
    野口 康人; 叶 璟; 井上 智雄
  • Investigation of the illustration’s features by crowdsourced microtasks
    佐々木 孝輔; 平田 章; 井上 智雄
  • Sychronized dining progress in video induces viewer’s more active conversation
    野口 康人; 井上 智雄
  • Proposal of a speech speed awareness system for the conversationally weak persons
    叶 璟; 井上 智雄
    ヒューマンコミュニケーション基礎 HCS2015-55 (2015-10)/2015-10-02--2015-10-03
  • Effect of initial image of the method of generating a drawing by microtasks
    平田 章; 佐々木 孝輔; 井上 智雄
  • The relation between learner's achievement and behavior from the analysis of an illustrators' online community
    于 睿政; 檜垣 雄也; 唐夢苑; 井上 智雄
  • Communication support by a native speaker’s entering keywords on discussion with a non-native speaker -- Effects of entering keywords by a native speaker on audio conference --
    塙 裕美; 宋 暁宇; 井上 智雄
    ヒューマンコミュニケーション基礎 HCS2016-18 (2016-05)/2016-05-18--2016-05-19
  • A wearable real-time cueing system for theatrical performance practice
    高津 良介; 片山 直樹; 井上 智雄; 重野 寛; 岡田 謙一
  • Implementation of a microtask line drawing generation system associated with a crowdsourcing site
    何 瓣; 佐々木 孝輔; 平田 章; 井上 智雄
  • Development of a SAT-based self mental healthcare system adopting immersive head-mounted display
    中西 明日輝; 野口 康人; 中島 寿哉; 楊 珍; 松本 敦子; 紙田...
  • A VR self mental healthcare system by SAT-based method
    中西 明日輝; 野口 康人; 中島 寿哉; 楊 珍; 松本 敦子; 紙田...
  • Support of spatial collective work by mutual surrogates at two remote sites
    片山 直樹; 高津 良介; 井上 智雄; 重野 寛