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Inoue Tomoo

Researcher's full information

Research projects
CSCW2003 -- 2004東京電機大学/国内共同研究
CSCL2003 -- 2004東京電機大学/国内共同研究
CSCW2003 -- 2004東京学芸大学/国内共同研究
Teacher support system in WWW based education2000-04 -- 2002-03/学内共同研究4,000,000Yen
Internet-based distance learning system for higher education1999-02 -- 2000-03上野晴樹/学内共同研究4,000,000Yen
Research on innovative collaboration/ communication media -- (current)/
Research on mediated communication/ collaboration -- (current)/
Future Dining Table2007 -- (current)/
Information presentation on large public display adaptive to attributes of groups of people2006 -- 2009/
Research on a mixed reality distributed meeting system2005 -- (current)/