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Fujisawa Makoto

Researcher's full information

  • Controlled Illumination for the Object Recognition with Projector Camera Feedback
    Toshiyuki Amano; Kazuki Osamura; Makoto Fujisawa; Jun Miy...
  • Development of Augmented Reality Dictionary System and Evaluation of Effectiveness
    藤本 雄一郎; Tse Chu Cheng; 藤澤 誠; 天野 敏之; 宮崎 純; ...
    Technical report of IEICE. PRMU/110(381)/pp.97-100, 2011-01
  • A Fast Simulation Method Using SPH and Wavelet for Turbulent Flow
    Makoto Fujisawa; Hirokazu Kato
    20th International Conference on Artificial Reality and Telexistence (ICAT2010), 2010-12
  • AR Dictionary: Dynamic Annotation for English Words in Printed Documents
    Yuichiro Fujimoto; Chu Cheng Tse; Makoto Fujisawa; Toshiy...
    20th International Conference on Artificial Reality and Telexistence (ICAT2010), 2010-12
  • Input of Compound-rhythm Log-aesthetic Curves and Its Applications for Car Styling Design
    Kenjiro T. Miura; Shinichi Agari; Makoto Fujisawa; Takash...
    Proceedings of IDMME - Virtual Concept 2010, 2010-10
  • A Improvement of Fluid Surface using SPH for Turbulent Flow
    三村 豪; 藤澤 誠; 天野 敏之; 宮崎 純; 加藤 博一
    IPSJ SIG Notes/2010(7)/pp.1-6, 2010-09
  • Interactive Photomosaic Using GPU
    藤澤 誠; 加藤 博一
    The Journal of The Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers/64(9)/pp.1382-1384, 2010-09
  • A Method to Display Connelation Between Images by Using a Recursive Photomosaic System
    佐藤 和男; 藤澤 誠; 天野 敏之; 宮崎 純; 加藤 博一
    IPSJ SIG technical reports/2010(14)/pp.1-5, 2010-08
  • HANDY: Enhancing Social Presence in Video-chat Systems
    Igor DeSouza Almeida; Jordi Carres Polo; Marina Atsumi Oi...
    IPSJ SIG technical reports/2010(22)/pp.1-5, 2010-05
  • Apparent contour tracking of 3D rigid curved objects based on quadrics approximation of the surface
    Marina Atsumi Oikawa; Makoto Fujisawa; Toshiyuki Amano; J...
    KJMR2010, 2010-04
  • Interactive Simulation of Flying Japanese Kites
    Taichi Okamoto; Makoto Fujisawa; Kenjiro Miura
    Sandbox 2009: ACM SIGGRAPH Video Game Proceedings/p.47-53, 2009-08
  • Interactive Fluid Simulation Using Augmented Reality Interface
    Makoto Fujisawa; Hirokazu Kato
    HCI International 2009 (Virtual and Mixed Reality)/p.431-438, 2009-07
  • 体積保存性を考慮した核沸騰シミュレーション
    藤澤誠; 三浦憲二郎
    画像電子学会誌/38(4)/p.441-448, 2009-01
  • 複合リズム対数型美的曲線の入力とその意匠デザインへの応用
    上利 真一; 三浦 憲二郎; 藤澤誠; 西川知伸; 羽田隆志
    日本機械学会論文集/75(756)/p.2159-2164, 2009-01
  • 会場担当より
    神原 誠之; 天野 敏之; 池田 聖; 藤澤 誠
    日本バーチャルリアリティ学会誌 = Journal of the Virtual Reality Society of Japan/13(4)/pp.219-220, 2008-12
  • Input of Log-aesthetic Curve Segments with Inflection End Points and Generation of Log-aesthetic Curves with G2 continuity
    Kenjiro T. Miura; Shinichi Agari; Yohei Kawata; Makoto Fu...
    Computer-Aided Design & Applications/5(1-4)/p.77-85, 2008-01
  • ペンタブレット入力によるG1連続を持つ美的曲線セグメント列の生成
    八木 麻理子; 川田 洋平; 藤澤 誠; 三浦 憲二郎
    芸術科学会論文誌/7(3)/p.97-101, 2008-01
  • 熱力学に基づいた相転移を伴う氷解現象のアニメーション
    藤澤誠; 三浦 憲二郎
    情報処理学会論文誌/49(3)/p.1480-1488, 2008-01
  • GPUを用いたビデオ映像の安定化
    藤澤誠; 天谷貴大; 三浦 憲二郎
    情報処理学会論文誌/49(2)/p.1022-1030, 2008-01
  • Animation of Ice Melting Phenomenon Based on Thermodynamics with Thermal Radiation
    Makoto Fujisawa; Kenjiro T. Miura
    5th International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques in Australasia and Southeast Asia(GRAPHITE 2007), 2007-12
  • 3D extension of aesthetic plane curve and its B-Spline approximation
    Kenjiro T. Miura; Makoto Fujisawa; Kazuya G. Kobayashi; F...
    2007 International CAD Conference and Exhibition, 2007-06
  • Paper Fructure Simulation Based on FEM
    Takao Sato; Makoto Fujisawa; Kenjiro T. Miura
    NICOGRAPH International 2007, 2007-05
  • Input of Log-aesthetic Curves With a Pen Tablet
    Kenjiro T. Miura; Mariko Yagi; Yohei Kawata; Shinichi Aga...
    Humans and Computers 2007/p.83-88, 2007
  • The Aesthetic Space Curve
    Kenjiro T. Miura; Makoto Fujisawa; Junji Sone; Kazuya G. ...
    Humans and Computers 2006/p.101-106, 2006-09
  • 熱力学に基づく氷解現象のアニメーション
    藤澤 誠; 三浦 憲二郎
    情報処理学会論文誌/47(8)/p.2746-2753, 2006-01