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Aranha Claus de Castro

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Conference, etc.
  • Using Evolutionary Computation for the Bi-Dimensional Visualization of Multi-Dimensional Diagnostic Data
    Claus Aranha
    Tsukuba Morocco Research Symposium/2012-03-15--2012-03-16
  • Topological and Motion Strategies For Cellular Memetic Tree Based Portfolio Optimization
    Claus Aranha; Carlos Azevedo; Scott V Gordon; Hitoshi Iba
    10th Brazilian Congress on Computational Intelligence/2011-11-08--2011-11-11
  • Using a Topological Framework to improve the Memetic Tree Algorithm for Portfolio Optimization
    Claus Aranha; Hitoshi Iba
    Fourth Symposium on research frontiers on evolutionary computation/2010-06-04--2010-06-05
  • Cellular Memetic Algorithm for the optimization of financial Portfolios
    Claus Aranha; Carlos Azevedo; Hitoshi Iba
    Symposium on Evolutionary Algorithms/2009-12-19--2009-12-20
  • Advances in Portfolio Optimization by Genetic Algorithms
    Claus Aranha; Hitoshi Iba
    Third Symposium on Applications of Artificial Intelligence for Finance/2009-09-12--2009-09-12
  • Optimization of the Trading Rule in Foreign Exchange using Genetic Algorithm
    Akinori Hirabayashi; Claus Aranha; Hitoshi Iba
    GECCO 2009 11th Annual conference on Genetic and evolutionary computation/2009-07-08--2009-07-12
  • Using memetic algorithms to improve portfolio performance in static and dynamic trading scenarios
    Claus de Castro Aranha; Hitoshi Iba
    GECCO '09 Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference/2009-07-08--2009-07-12
  • MVGPC+: An Integrated Approach to Machine-Learning Classification
    Claus Aranha; Hitoshi Iba
    Advances in Computer Science and Engineering (ACSE 2009)/2009-03-16--2009-03-18
  • Financial Portfolio Rebalancing using Memetic Algorithms
    Claus Aranha; 伊庭斉志
    Second Symposium on Artificial Intelligence Applications for Finance/2009-01-25--2009-01-25
  • Application of a Memetic Algorithm to the Portfolio Optimization Problem
    Claus Aranha; Hitoshi Iba
    21st Australasian Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence/2008-12-01--2008-12-05
  • Using Memetic Algorithms for Optimizing Financial Portfolios
    伊庭斉志; Claus Aranha
    First Symposium on Applications of Artificial Intelligence for Finance/2008-09-13--2008-09-13
  • A Tree-based GA Representation For The Portfolio Optimization Problem
    Claus C. Aranha; Hitoshi Iba
    GECCO '08 Proceedings of the 10th annual conference on Genetic and evolutionary computation/2008-07-12--2008-07-16
  • Modeling Cost into a Genetic algorithm-based Portfolio Optimization System By Seeding and Objective Sharing
    Claus Aranha; Hitoshi Iba
    IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation/2007-09-25--2007-09-28
  • Portfolio Management by Genetic Algorithms with Error Modeling
    Claus Aranha; Hitoshi Iba
    Proceedings of the 10th Joint Conference on Information Sciences/2007-07-18--2007-07-24
  • Day-trading Rules development by Genetic Programming
    Claus Aranha; O. Kasai; U. Uchide; Hitoshi Iba
    Proceedings of the 10th Joint Conference on Information Sciences/2007-07-18--2007-07-24
  • Using Genetic Algorithms to Improve Ant Colony Clustering
    Claus Aranha; Hitoshi Iba
    Symposium on Mathematics for Modeling and Problem Solving/2006-10-24--2006-10-25
  • The Effect of Using Evolutionary Algorithms on Ant Clustering Techniques
    Claus Aranha; Hitoshi Iba
    2006 Asia-Pacific Workshop on Genetic Programming/2006-10-12--2006-10-14
  • Evolutionary Behavior Acquisition for Humanoid Robots
    Deniz Aydemir; Claus Aranha; Hitoshi Iba
    24th Meeting of the Robotics Society of Japan/2006-09-14--2006-09-16