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Yokoi Tomoyuki

Researcher's full information

  • 奈良県奈良市で観察 したイワタセイボウの越夜行動
    横井 智之; 寺田 剛; 弘岡 拓人
    中国昆虫/24/pp.73-74, 2010-11
  • 近畿大学農学部キャンパスにおける訪花昆虫群集の多様性
    横井 智之; 波部彰布; 香取郁夫; 桜谷保之
    近畿大学農学部紀要/(41)/pp.77-94, 2008-03
  • レタスをかじるニホンミツバチ
    横井 智之
    ミツバチ科学/26(3)/pp.98-100, 2005-04
  • Late season biodiversity of aquatic fauna in paddies and irrigation ponds of Okayama prefecture.
    Taiki Ito; Yuichi Horii; Yokoi Tomoyuki
    Biogeography/14/pp.1-10, 2012-09
  • Strongly biased sex ratio in the cuckoo wasp Chrysura hirsuta (Hymenoptera, Chrysididae), a parasitoid of the mason bee Osmia orientalis
    Tomoyuki Yokoi; Takuto Hirooka; Shusaku Sugimoto; Takeshi...
    Entomological Science/15(2)/pp.250-252, 2012-04
  • To forage or not: responses of bees to the presence of other bees on flowers
    Tomoyuki Yokoi; Kenji Fujisaki
    Annals of the Entomological Society of America/104(2)/pp.353-357, 2011-09
  • Queen-specific volatile in a higher termite Nasutitermes takasagoensis (Isoptera: Termitidae)
    Chihiro Himuro; Tomoyuki Yokoi; Kenji Matsuura
    Journal of Insect Physiology/57(7)/pp.962-965, 2011-07
  • Identification of a pheromone regulating caste differentiation in termites
    Kenji Matsuura; Chihiro Himuro; Yokoi Tomoyuki; Yuuka Yam...
    Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America/107(29)/pp.12963-12968, 2010-07
  • 送粉昆虫マイマイツツハナバチの営巣習性
    香取 郁夫; 田丸 真弓; 横井 智之
    日本応用動物昆虫学会誌/54(2)/pp.77-84, 2010-05
  • Interspecific and intersexual learning rate differences in four butterfly species
    Ikuo Kandori; Takafumi Yamaki; Sei-ichi Okuyama; Noboru S...
    The Journal of Experimental Biology/212/pp.3810-3816, 2009-11
  • Recognition of scent marks in solitary bees to avoid previously visited flowers
    Tomoyuki Yokoi; Kenji Fujisaki
    Ecological Research/24/pp.803-809, 2009-03
  • Hesitation behaviour of hoverflies Sphaerophoria spp. to avoid ambush by crab spiders
    Tomoyuki Yokoi; Kenji Fujisaki
    Naturwissenschaften/96(2)/pp.195-200, 2009-02
  • The use of heterospecific scent marks by the sweat bee Halictus aerarius
    Tomoyuki Yokoi; Dave Goulson; Kenji Fujisaki
    Naturwissenschaften/94(12)/pp.1021-1024, 2007-12
  • Repellent scent-marking behaviour of the sweat bee Halictus (Seladonia) aerarius during flower foraging.
    Tomoyuki Yokoi; Kenji Fujisaki
    Apidologie/38/pp.474-481, 2007-09