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Ohkuma Chanwoo

Researcher's full information

  • Korean traditional archery in the late 18th century as described in the "records of the old custom of King's archery'', focusing on archery events and equipment.
    李 燦雨
    Japan Journal of Physical Education. Health and Sport Sciences/57(2)/pp.501-513, 2012-12
  • 朝鮮 中後期 靈光지방 射契의 設立과 變遷
    Lee Chanwoo
    한국체육학회지(韓国体育学会誌)/51(6)/pp.23-31, 2012-12
  • 朝鮮の弓術と射契
    李 燦雨
    Ibaraki Journal of Health and Sport Sciences/29/pp.55-56, 2012-08
  • 朝鮮伝統弓術の変容 : 植民地下における『射契』の変容を中心に
    李 燦雨
    日本体育学会大会予稿集/(63)/p.64, 2012-08
  • Research on the Catalogue of“ Japanese and Chinese Books” in the Library of National School of Gymnastics (Taiso-Denshu-Jo)
    李 燦雨
    Bull. Inst. Health & Sport Sci., Univ. of Tsukuba/35/pp.111-131, 2012-03
  • A study of Korean traditional archery organization“Sage(Archery Fraternity)”: On historical materials of Sapoge(Archery Fraternity of Village) in Yeongam region
    李 燦雨
    Japan journal of the history of physical education and sport/(29)/pp.31-40, 2012-03
  • Korean traditional archery and Sage (Archery Fraternity): Through interpretation of historical materials from Deokyujeong.
    李 燦雨
    Japan Journal of Physical Education. Health and Sport Sciences/56(2)/pp.343-357, 2011-12