Fukusumi Shoji

University of Tsukuba
Official title
Associate Professor
Research fields
Applied microbiology
Research keywords
Research projects
睡眠医科学の統合研究2019-10 -- 2021-09福住昌司株式会社SUIMIN/共同研究
オレキシン2型受容体作動薬による代謝リズム調節機構の解明2018 -- 2020福住 昌司Japan Society for the Promotion of Science/Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(C)4,550,000Yen
Career history
1987-04 -- 2007-03Takeda PharmaceuticalsFrontier Research Laboratories, Pharmaceutical Research DivisionAssociate Director
2007-04 -- 2013-09Takeda PharmaceuticalsResearch Alliance Group, Pharmaceutical Research DivisionAssociate Director
Academic background
1985-04 -- 1987-03The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Agricultural Chemistry
1980-04 -- 1985-03The University of Tokyo Faculty of Agricultural Chemistry
2001-02Ph. D(Agriculture)The University of Tokyo
Honors & Awards
1999-07Nikkei BP Technology Prize
  • Isolation and identification of EG-VEGF/prokineticins as cognate ligands for two orphan G-protein-coupled receptors
    Masuda Yasushi; Takatsu Yoshihiro; Terao Yasuko; Kuman...
    Biochemical and biophysical research communications/293(1)/pp.396-402, 2002-04-26
  • Identification of a G protein-coupled receptor specifically responsive to beta-alanine
    Shinohara Tokuyuki; Harada Masataka; Ogi Kazuhiro; Mar...
    The Journal of biological chemistry/279(22)/pp.23559-23564, 2004-05-28
  • Free fatty acids regulate insulin secretion from pancreatic beta cells through GPR40
    Itoh Yasuaki; Kawamata Yuji; Harada Masataka; Kobayash...
    Nature/422(6928)/pp.173-176, 2003-03-13
  • Neurons expressing relaxin 3/INSL 7 in the nucleus incertus respond to stress
    Tanaka Masaki; Iijima Norio; Miyamoto Yasumasa; Fukusu...
    The European journal of neuroscience/21(6)/pp.1659-1670, 2005-03-01
  • Identification of a neuropeptide modified with bromine as an endogenous ligand for GPR7
    Fujii Ryo; Yoshida Hiromi; Fukusumi Shoji; Habata Yug...
    The Journal of biological chemistry/277(37)/pp.34010-34016, 2002-09-13
  • A G protein-coupled receptor responsive to bile acids
    Kawamata Yuji; Fujii Ryo; Hosoya Masaki; Harada Masat...
    The Journal of biological chemistry/278(11)/pp.9435-9440, 2003-03-14
  • Development of EEG-Based In-Home Sleep Measuring System
    小久保 利雄; 清水 徹; 川名 ふさ江; 鈴木 陽子; 富永 杜絵; 阿部 高志; 近藤 英明; 神林 崇; 福住 昌司; 西村 ...
    Transactions of Japanese Society for Medical and Biological Engineering/58/pp.216-216, 2020
  • Improvement of slow wave sleep continuity by mattress with better body pressure dispersal.
    Kokubo Toshio; Kayaba M.; Ogata H.; Park I.; Ishihara A....
    Sleep Medicine Research/10(2)/pp.75-82, 2019-12
  • Subacute Ingestion of Caffeine and Oolong Tea Increases Fat Oxidation without Affecting Energy Expenditure and Sleep Architecture: A Randomized, Placebo-Controlled, Double-Blinded Cross-Over Trial
    Zhang Simeng; Takano Jiro; Murayama Norihito; Tominaga M...
    Nutrients/12(12), 2020-11
    Seol J.; Fujii Y.; Park I.; Yoko S.; Kawana F.; Yajima K...
    SLEEP MEDICINE/64(1)/pp.S343-S343, 2019-12
  • A new peptidic ligand and its receptor regulating adrenal function in rats
    Fukusumi Shoji; Yoshida Hiromi; Fujii Ryo; Maruyama M...
    The Journal of biological chemistry/278(47)/pp.46387-46395, 2003-11-21
  • Recent advances in mammalian RFamide peptides: the discovery and functional analyses of PrRP, RFRPs and QRFP
    Fukusumi Shoji; Fujii Ryo; Hinuma Shuji
    Peptides/27(5)/pp.1073-1086, 2006-05-01
  • Distinct effects of orexin receptor antagonist and GABA agonist on sleep and physical/cognitive functions after forced awakening
    Seol Jaehoon; Fujii Yuya; Park Insung; Suzuki Yoko; Kawan...
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America/116(48)/pp.24353-24358, 2019-11
  • The Arg-Phe-amide peptide 26RFa/QRFP and its Receptor. IUPHAR Review
    Leprince Jérôme; Bagnol Didier; Bureau Ronan; Fukusumi...
    British journal of pharmacology/174(20:::SI)/pp.3573-3607, 2017-06
Conference, etc.
  • 交替制勤務が消防隊員の生活リズムに与える影響
    永山悠; 吉武理香子; 緒形ひとみ; 小泉奈央; 朴寅成; 徳山薫平; 小久保利雄; 福住昌司; 麻見 直美
  • Different effects of orexin receptor antagonist and GABAa agonist on physical and cognitive functions
    Seol J.; Fujii Y.; Park I.; Suzuki Y.; Kawana F.; Fukusum...
    The 7th Annual IIIS Symposium/2018-12

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