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Matsubara Masaki

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  • Interactive multiple seismic waves sonification for data exploration
    Matsubara Masaki; Uchide Takahiko
    Interactive workshop on time-series data sonification/2015-09
  • 高齢者の情報行動にかかるデータ収集と可視化
    松原 正樹; 上保秀夫; 宇陀則彦; 呑海沙織; 溝上智恵子
    DEIM Forum 2016/2016-03
  • 高齢者の生活行動データベースの構築および可視化による振り返り学習の実践
    溝上智恵子; 松原 正樹; 上保秀夫; 宇陀則彦; 呑海 沙織
  • Towards a collaborative ethnography of chamber music performance:
A cognitive and socio-anthropological study of amateur western classical musicians in Japan
    Matsubara Masaki; Imoto Yuki
    International Symposium on Performance Science/2015-09
  • The influence of accompaniment in the performance of percussion
    Sakino Takaaki; Hamano Takayuki; Sadakata Makiko; Matsuba...
    Rhythm Production and Perception Workshop 2015/2015-07
  • Development and short-term evaluation of tapping game for hearing-impaired students
    Kano Naoya; Matsubara Masaki; Terasawa Hiroko; Hiraga Rumi
    Rhythm Production and Perception Workshop 2015/2015-07
  • 聴覚障害者が音楽を聴くという事
    松原 正樹
  • Guiding auditory attention toward the subtle components in electreocardiography sonification
    Terasawa Hiroko; Morimoto yota; Matsubara Masaki; Sato Ak...
    International conference on Auditory Display 2015/2015-07
  • Real-time smile sonification using surface emg signal and the evaluation of its usability
    Nakayama Yuki; Takano Yuji; Matsubara Masaki; Terasawa Hi...
    International conference on Auditory Display 2015/2015-07
  • 聴覚刺激を用いた異なる視点に基づく協同問題解決に関する実験的検討
    松原 正樹
  • 音楽理論GTTMに基づく木構造を用いた旋律の認知的類似度の導出 ~バッハBWV582 パッサカリアとフーガの分析を例に~
    松原 正樹
  • バレエクラスにおけるピアノ伴奏の即興性
    松原 正樹
  • 音楽アンサンブルにおける間合い
    松原 正樹
  • An inquiry into hearing-impaired student's musical activities − How do they listen to the music?
    松原 正樹
    International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition APSCOM_2014/2014-08--2014-08
  • Distance in Pitch Sensitive Time-span Tree
    Matsubara Masaki
    Joint Conference on ICMC | SMC 2014/2014-09--2014-09
  • The effect of musical experience on rhythm perception in hearing-impaired undergraduates
    松原 正樹
    2014 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics/2014-10--2014-10
  • The Effectiveness of Auditory Biofeedback on a Tracking Task for Ankle Joint Movements in Rehabilitation
    松原 正樹
    4th Interactive Sonification Workshop/2013-12-10
  • How is Auditory EMG Biofeedback Effective for Blind People?
    松原 正樹
    International Conference on Auditory Display 2013/2013