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Hoshi Mika

Researcher's full information

2021-10 -- 2022-02Field Work: Open Air Landscape (Western-style Painting) IUniversity of Tsukuba.
2021-04 -- 2021-08Advanced Studio Work: Western-Style Painting B-1University of Tsukuba.
2021-10 -- 2021-12Advanced Studio Work: Western-Style Painting B-2University of Tsukuba.
2021-04 -- 2021-08Practice on Drawing II-B-1University of Tsukuba.
2021-04 -- 2021-06Introduction to Western-style PaintingUniversity of Tsukuba.
2021-04 -- 2021-06Fundamental Studio Work: Oil Painting 1University of Tsukuba.
2021-10 -- 2021-12Studio Work: Western-Style Painting D-2University of Tsukuba.
2021-04 -- 2021-08Studio Works: Oil Painting I-A-1University of Tsukuba.
2021-10 -- 2022-02Practice on Drawing II-B-2University of Tsukuba.
2021-10 -- 2021-12Special Workshops: Western-style Painting IUniversity of Tsukuba.