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Hiroyama Tsutomu

University of Tsukuba
Official title
Associate Professor
Conference, etc.
  • Chronic stress as a mediator of the aerobic trainability under hypoxic conditions in male runners : An application of hair cortisol
    弘山 勉
    ARIHHP『Human High Performance Collaborative Research Symposium 2018』/2018-3-6--2018-3-7
  • 中長距離ランナーにおける呼気気流制限が低圧環境下での漸増負荷走運動時の呼吸代謝応答に及ぼす影響
    西保 岳; 曹銀行; 市川佑平; 佐々木洋輔; 弘山勉; 榎本靖士; ...
  • Effect of expiratory flow limitation on ventilation, oxygen uptake, and lung volume during incremental running under moderate hypobaric hypoxic condition in competitive endurance runners.
    Nishiyasu Takeshi; Cao Yinhang; Sasaki Yosuke; Ogawa Take...
    ARIHHP Human High Performance International Forum 2018 ”Sport Sciences for Olympic and Paralympic Games”/2018-3
  • Expiratory flow limitation under moderate hypobaric hypoxia does not influence ventilation, oxygen uptake, and operating lung volumes during incremental running in endurance runners.
    Nishiyasu Takeshi; Cao Yinhang; Ichikawa Yuhei; Sasaki Yo...
    The 17th International Conference on Environmental Ergonomics/2017-11
  • 男子大学生陸上長距離選手を対象とした栄養・食事サポートが競技成績および身体組成に及ぼす影響
    内沢彰子; 渡邊千夏; 加藤有美; 永田拓也; 三城円; 弘山勉; ...
  • 男子大学生陸上長距離選手を対象とした栄養・食事サポートが競技成績および血液生化学的指標に及ぼす影響
    渡邊千夏; 加藤有美; 内沢彰子; 永田拓也; 三城円; 弘山勉; ...

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