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Takei Yosuke

Researcher's full information

  • Regulation of NMDA receptor transport: a KIF17-cargo binding/releasing underlies synaptic plasticity and memory in vivo.
    Yin X; Feng X; Takei Y; Hirokawa N
    The Journal of neuroscience/32(16)/pp.5486-5499, 2012-04
  • Motor protein KIF1A is essential for hippocampal synaptogenesis and learning enhancement in an enriched environment.
    Kondo M; Takei Y; Hirokawa N
    Neuron/ 73 (4)/pp.743-757, 2012-02
  • Molecular motor KIF17 is fundamental for memory and learning via differential support of synaptic NR2A/2B levels.
    Yin X; Takei Y; Kido MA; Hirokawa N
    Neuron/70(2)/pp.310-325, 2011-04
  • Kinesin-1/Hsc70-dependent mechanism of slow axonal transport and its relation to fast axonal transport.
    Terada S; Kinjo M; Aihara M; Takei Y; Hirokawa N
    The EMBO journal/29(4)/pp.843-854, 2010-02
  • KIF26A is an unconventional kinesin and regulates GDNF-Ret signaling in enteric neuronal development.
    Zhou R; Niwa S; Homma N; Takei Y; Hirokawa N
    Zhou R, Niwa S, Homma N, Takei Y, Hirokawa N Cell 139(4) 802-813 2009年11月/139(4)/pp.802-813, 2009-11
  • KIF4 motor regulates activity-dependent neuronal survival by suppressing PARP-1 enzymatic activity.
    Midorikawa R; Takei Y; Hirokawa N
    Midorikawa R, Takei Y, Hirokawa N/125(2)/pp.371-383, 2006-04
  • The KIF3 motor transports N-cadherin and organizes the developing neuroepithelium.
    Takei Yosuke
    Nature Cell Biology/7/pp.474-482, 2005
  • Kinesin superfamily protein 2A (KIF2A) functions in suppression of collateral branch extension.
    Homma N; Takei Y; Tanaka Y; Nakata T; Terada S; Kikkawa M...
    Cell/114(2)/pp.229-239, 2003-07
  • Overexpression of motor protein KIF17 enhances spatial and working memory in transgenic mice.
    武井 陽介
    Proc Natl Acad Sci USA/99/pp.14500-14505, 2002
  • MAP2 is required for dendrite elongation, PKA anchoring in dendrites, and proper PKA signal transduction.
    Harada A.; Teng J.; Takei Y.; Oguchi N.; Hirokawa N.
    Journal of Cell Biology/158/pp.541-549, 2002
  • Glutamate-receptor-interacting protein GRIP1 directly steers molecular motor kinesin to dendrite-direction.
    Takei Yosuke
    Nature/417/pp.83-87, 2002