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Hong Sungchan

Researcher's full information

  • Surface texture effects on the drag crisis for soccer balls
    Hong Sungchan; Takeshi Asai
    Proceedings of the International conference in sports science and technology/pp.120-125, 2016-12
  • Effects of dimple on soccer ball aerodynamics
    Hong Sungchan; Takeshi Asai
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  • Aerodynamics of Soccer Balls
    Asai Takeshi; Hong Sungchan; Seo Kazuya
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  • Investigation of Kinematics of Knuckling Shot in Soccer
    Takeshi Asai; Hong Sungchan
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  • Wind-tunnel experiments and trajectory analyses for five nonspinning soccer balls
    Goff John Eric; Hobson Chad Michael; Asai Takeshi; Hong S...
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  • Flow visualization of downhill ski racers using computational fluid dynamics
    Asai Takeshi; Hong Sungchan; Ijuin Koichi
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  • Kinetic Analysis of Instep and Side-foot Kick in Female and Male Soccer Player
    Sakamoto Keiko; Numazu Naoki; Hong Sungchan; Asai Takeshi
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  • Experiment of aerodynamic force on a rotating soccer ball
    Hong Sungchan; Nobori Ryosuke; Sakamoto Keiko; Koido Mas...
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  • J2340101 Wind Tunnel Tests of Ski jumping using a Ground Effect Plate
    瀬尾 和哉; 洪 性賛; 浅井 武
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  • J2340104 Aerodynamics properties of the cloth for the sprotswear
    横溝 亮; 伊藤 慎一郎; 洪 性賛; 浅井 武; 竹居 賢治
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  • B-17 Effects of surfaces structure on soccer ball
    洪 性賛; 浅井 武; 栗木 秀介
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  • 1405 Aerodynamic properties concerning sports wears
    伊藤 慎一郎; 洪 性賛; 浅井 武
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  • Visualization of air flow around soccer ball using a particle image velocimetry
    Hong Sungchan; Asai Takeshi; Seo kazuya
    Scientific Reports/5(15108), 2015
  • 現代ワールドカップ公式球の空力特性と飛翔特性
    洪 性賛; 浅井 武
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  • Effect of panel shape of soccer ball on its flight characteristics
    Hong Sungchan; Asai Takeshi
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    Goff John Eric; Asai Takeshi; Hong Sungchan
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  • Comparison of kicking speed between female and male soccer players
    Sakamoto Keiko; Sasaki Ryota; Hong Sungchan; Matsukura Ke...
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  • A study of impact force on modern soccer balls
    Koizumi Asaka; Hong Sungchan; Sakamoto Keiko; Sasaki Ryot...
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  • Flow visualization around panel shapes of soccer ball
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  • Difference in kicking motion between female and male soccer players
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  • Characteristics of ball impact on curve shot in soccer
    Hong Sungchan; Go Youngjun; Sakamoto Keiko; Nakayama Masa...
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