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Yamaguchi Takayuki

Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences
Official title
Associate Professor
Research fields
Particle/Nuclear/Cosmic ray/Astro physics
Research keywords
Storage rings
RI beam
  • Development of Method for Deducing the Skin Thickness of Unstable Nuclei using Solid Hydrogen Target
    森口 哲朗; Akira Ozawa; Shinji Suzuki; Masamichi Amano; D...
    2017 Annual Report of the Research Project with Heavy Ions at NIRS-HIMAC/pp.318-320, 2018-04
  • Present status of data analysis of commissioning experiment using exotic nuclei
    Nagae Daisuke; Omika Shun; Yamaguchi Yoshitaka; Suzaki Fu...
    RIKEN Accelerator Progress Report 2017/p.168, 2018-09
Conference, etc.
  • 固体水素標的を用いた17Neの反応断面積測定
    森口 哲朗; 小沢 顕; 鈴木 伸司; 向井 もも; 天野 将道; ...
  • Reaction cross-section measurement with a proton target
    森口 哲朗; Akira Ozawa; Momo Mukai; Masamichi Amano; Daik...
    The workshop on "Proton and Neutron Densities and Radii in Nuclei and Related Topics"/2018-12-17--2018-12-19
  • 固体水素標的を用いた不安定核のスキン厚導出手法の開発
    森口 哲朗; 小沢 顕; 鈴木 伸司; 天野 将道; 上岡 大起; ...

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