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Koyama Shinichi

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Refereed academic journal/Refereed international conference paper
  • 風景画像の空間構成・印象が時間知覚に与える影響
    高橋 侑里; 今泉 修; 山田 桃子; 日比野 治雄; 小山 慎一
    デザイン学研究/63(3)/pp.83-92, 2016
  • 日本語版Trypophobia Questionnaire(TQ-J)の作成
    今泉 修; 古野 真菜実; 日比野 治雄; 小山 慎一
    パーソナリティ研究/25(2)/pp.171-173, 2016
  • 専門家・一般消費者におけるOTC医薬品選択時の視線の比較 ─医薬品情報コミュニケーションデザインのための基礎研究
    河瀬 絢子; 崔 庭瑞; 李 志炯; 泉澤 恵; 日比野 治雄; 小山 慎一
    デザイン学研究/63(2)/pp.81-88, 2016
  • OTC 医薬品外箱記載情報に対する視点のブランドによる変化
    河瀬 絢子; 崔 庭瑞; 泉澤 恵; 日比野 治雄; 小山 慎一
    デザイン学研究/62(4)/pp.35-42, 2016
  • Content Analysis of Appeal in Japanese Television Advertisements
    Xiaofan Zhang; Haruo Hibino; Shinichi Koyama
    Bulletin of the Japanese Society for the Science of Design/63(1)/pp.1_51-1_56, 2016
  • Effect of Colored Overlays on Reading Comfort in People with and without Meares-Irlen Syndrome
    Shu Imaizumi; Haruo Hibino; Shinichi Koyama
    International Journal of Affective Engineering/15(1)/pp.21-28, 2016
  • Spatial Frequency Content in Migraine Art
    Shu Imaizumi; Akira Iwaya; Haruo Hibino; Shinichi Koyama
    Bulletin of the Japanese Society for the Science of Design/62(3)/pp.35-38, 2016
  • Relationship between letter shape and character impression using eye movement measurement
    Jihyeong Lee; Jeongseo Choi; Shinichi Koyama; Haruo Hibino
    Archives of Design Research/29(4)/pp.39-51, 2016
  • Trypophobia is predicted by disgust sensitivity, empathic traits, and visual discomfort
    Shu Imaizumi; Manami Furuno; Haruo Hibino; Shinichi Koyama
    Springerplus/5(1)/p.1449, 2016
  • Embodied prosthetic arm stabilizes body posture, while unembodied one perturbs it
    Shu Imaizumi; Tomohisa Asai; Shinichi Koyama
    Conscious Cogn/45/pp.75-88, 2016
  • Visual Acuity, Color Discrimination, and Quality of Life in Patients with Cataract: Towards a Comfortable Lifestyle
    Po-Chun CHEN; Shu IMAIZUMI; David Pei-Cheng LIN; Suke-Hit...
    International Journal of Affective Engineering/15(3)/pp.335-342, 2016
  • What you see is not necessarily what you perceive: Picture agnosia and Alzheimer's Disease
    Azusa Sugimoto-Shiromaru; Yukiko Mori; Akinori Futamura; ...
    Neurology and Clinical Neuroscience/4(1)/pp.16-18, 2016
  • Development of Embodied Sense of Self Scale (ESSS): Exploring Everyday Experiences Induced by Anomalous Self-Representation
    Tomohisa Asai; Noriaki Kanayama; Shu Imaizumi; Shinichi K...
    Frontiers in Psychology/7, 2016
  • Illusory visual motion stimulus elicits postural sway in migraine patients
    Motoyasu Honma; Shu Imaizumi; Haruo Hibino; Shinichi Koyama
    Frontiers in Psychology/6(542)/pp.1-10, 2015
  • Hesitant avoidance while walking: an error of social behavior generated by mutual interaction
    Motoyasu Honma; Shinichi Koyama; Mitsuru Kawamura
    Frontiers in Psychology/6(1013)/p.108, 2015
  • イラストを用いた食品中の残留農薬量の理解度の検討
    朴 ソラ; 増田 知尋; 村越 琢磨; 川﨑 弥生; 内海 建; 木村 ...
    日本健康教育学会誌/22(2)/pp.100-110, 2014
  • 色相と彩度の異なる2 色間の明度比較における難易傾向-デザイン実務者における検討
    赤澤 智津子; 小山 慎一; 日比野 治雄; 大嶋 辰夫; 長尾 徹
    デザイン学研/60(6)/pp.49-54, 2014
  • Contribution of Food Commercials’ Informational/Emotional Appeals to Japanese Consumer Attitude and Purchase Intention
    Xioaofan Zhang; Zhenwei You; Haruo Hibino; Shinichi Koyama
    International Journal of Affective Engineering/13(1)/pp.1-8, 2014
  • Agency over a phantom limb and electromyographic activity on the stump depend on visuomotor synchrony: a case study
    Shu Imaizumi; Tomohisa Asai; Noriaki Kanayama; Mitsuru Ka...
    Po-Chun CHEN; Shu IMAIZUMI; Pei-Cheng LIN David; Suke-Hit...
    International Journal of Affective Engineering/13(2)/pp.1-6, 2014
  • 低アルコール飲料缶デザインの紛らわしさによって引き起こされる幼児の誤認─現状調査と予防法の検討
    木平 崇之; 金 美英; 青山 郁子; 日比野 治雄; 小山 慎一
    デザイン学研究/59(5)/pp.27-32, 2013
  • Informational vs. Emotional Appeals of Logo Design in Influencing Purchase Intentions for Plant-factory-produced Vegetables
    Zhenwei You; Xiaofan Zhang; Shinichi Koyama
    International Journal of Advances in Psychology (IJAP)/2(4)/pp.224-231, 2013
  • Impact of relevant knowledge on purchase intention of Plant-factory-produced plants - Case study in both Singapore and Japan
    Zhenwei You; Xiaofan Zhang; Chun-Hsien Chen; Kenta Ono; H...
    Focusing on Modern Food Industry (FMFI)/2(2)/pp.63-69, 2013
  • Selective impairment of race perception following bilateral damage in the fusiform and parahippocampal gyri
    Shinichi Koyama; Akira Midorikawa; Atsunobu Suzuki; Haruo...
    Neurology and Clinical Neuroscience/1/pp.96-102, 2013
  • OTC医薬品リスク分類表示の誘目性向上による視線誘導効果
    崔 庭瑞; 小山 慎一; 泉澤 恵; 白神 誠; 赤澤 智津子; 日比野...
    デザイン学研究/59(4)/pp.11-18, 2012