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Takano Yuichi

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Refereed academic journal/Refereed international conference paper
  • Multi-Period Portfolio Selection Using Kernel-Based Control Policy with Dimensionality Reduction
    Takano Yuichi; Gotoh Jun-ya
    Expert Systems with Applications/41(8)/pp.3901-3914, 2014-06
  • An Order Acceptance Strategy under Limited Engineering Man-Hours for Cost Estimation in Engineering-Procurement-Construction Projects
    Ishii Nobuaki; Takano Yuichi; Muraki Masaaki
    International Journal of Project Management/32(3)/pp.519-528, 2014-04
  • ファジィクラスタワイズ回帰を用いた共同購入型クーポンサイトの閲覧傾向分析
    高野 祐一; 田中 未来; 鮏川 矩義; 竹山 光将; 神里 栄; 千代...
    オペレーションズ・リサーチ:経営の科学/59(2)/pp.81-87, 2014-02
  • A Sequential Competitive Bidding Strategy Considering Inaccurate Cost Estimates
    Takano Yuichi; Ishii Nobuaki; Muraki Masaaki
    OMEGA, The International Journal of Management Science/42(1)/pp.132-140, 2014-01
  • リスク評価にCVaRを用いた保険料決定の最適化モデル
    柴崎 佑翔; 高野 祐一; 南條 慶輔; 水野 眞冶
    オペレーションズ・リサーチ:経営の科学/58(8)/pp.469-475, 2013-08
  • A Two-Step Bidding Price Decision Algorithm under Limited Man-Hours in EPC Projects
    Ishii Nobuaki; Takano Yuichi; Muraki Masaaki
    Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Simulation and Modeling Methodologies, Technologies and Applications (SIMULTECH 2013)/pp.393-403, 2013-07
  • A Polynomial Optimization Approach to Constant Rebalanced Portfolio Selection
    Takano Yuichi; Sotirov Renata
    Computational Optimization and Applications/52(3)/pp.645-666, 2012-07
    後藤 順哉; 高野 祐一; 山本 芳嗣; 和田 保乃
    Transactions of the Operations Research Society of Japan/54/pp.23-42, 2011-12
  • A Nonlinear Control Policy Using Kernel Method for Dynamic Asset Allocation
    Takano Yuichi; Gotoh Jun-ya
    Journal of the Operations Research Society of Japan/54(4)/pp.201-218, 2011-12
  • Constant Rebalanced Portfolio Optimization under Nonlinear Transaction Costs
    Takano Yuichi; Gotoh Jun-ya
    Asia-Pacific Financial Markets/18(2)/pp.191-211, 2011-05
  • Alpha-Conservative approximation for probabilistically constrained convex programs
    Takano Yuichi; Gotoh Jun-ya
    Computational Optimization and Applications/46(1)/pp.113-133, 2010-05
  • Metric-preserving reduction of earth mover's distance
    Takano Yuichi; Yamamoto Yoshitsugu
    Asia-Pacific Journal of Operational Research/27(1)/pp.39-54, 2010-04
  • 食卓メニューの販売促進効果を考慮した商品陳列決定モデル(<特集>データ解析コンペティション:食卓データの分析)
    高野 祐一; 小川 直哉; 角田 淳史; 木村 康宏; 矢島 洋平
    Communications of the Operations Research Society of Japan/55(2)/pp.113-120, 2010-02
  • 最小絶対値回帰分析を利用した中古車落札金額予測モデルの構築(<特集>データ解析コンペティション:オークション・データの解析)
    高野 祐一; 水野 圭; 山菅 和人; 佐藤 齊行; 小川 直哉
    Communications of the Operations Research Society of Japan/54(2)/pp.81-90, 2009-02
  • Newsvendor solutions via conditional value-at-risk minimization
    Gotoh Jun-ya; Takano Yuichi
    European Journal of Operational Research/179(1)/pp.80-96, 2007-05