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Morita Emi

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Refereed academic journal/Refereed international conference paper
  • Significant interaction between LRP2 rs2544390 in intron 1 and alcohol drinking for serum uric acid levels among a Japanese population.
    N Hamajima; M Naito; R Okada; S Kawai; G Yin; E Morita; T...
    Gene/503/pp.131-136, 2012-07
  • Association of diabetes and obesity with serum prostate-specific antigen levels in Japanese males.
    M Naito; Y Asai; A Mori; Y Fukada; M Kuwabara; S Katase; ...
    Nagoya journal of medical science/74/pp.285-292, 2012-08
  • Pilot study on the effects of a 1-day sleep education program: influence on sleep of stopping alcohol intake at bedtime.
    E Morita; S Miyazaki; M Okawa
    Nagoya journal of medical science/74/pp.359-365, 2012-08
  • A large scale survey of frequency of forest walking and related factors in a Japanese population inhabited in a mega city: comparison of an urban area and a rural area.
    E Morita; K Aoyama; T Tamura; R Okada; S Kawai; Y Ito; M ...
    Journal of Forest Reseach/18/pp.454-461, 2013-01
  • DPP4 genetics variants influence baseline prostate-specific antigen levels: The J-MICC Study.
    T Higashibata; M Naito; A Mori; N Ozawa; M Furuta; R Tsuc...
    Nagoya J Med Sci/75(1-2)/pp.73-80, 2013-02
  • No Association between MTHFR C677T and Serum Uric Acid Levels among Japanese with ABCG2 126QQ and SLC22A12 258WW.
    Y Hinohara; M Naito; R Okada; G Yin; H Higashibata; T Tam...
    Nagoya J Med Sci/75(1-2)/pp.93-100, 2013-02
  • Significant interaction between RETN -420 G/G genotype and lower BMI on decreased risk of Type2 DM in Japanese ‐ the J-MICC Study.
    A Hishida; K Wakai; R Okada; E Morita; N Hamajima; S Hoso...
    Endocrine J/60(2)/pp.237-243, 2013-01
  • Polymorphisms in genes encoding antioxidant enzymes (SOD2, CAT, GPx, TXNRD, SEPP1, SEP15 and SELS) and risk of chronic kidney disease in Japanese - cross-sectional data from the J-MICC study.
    A Hishida; R Okada; M 1naito; E Morita; K Wakai; N Hamaji...
    Clin Biochem Nutr/53(1)/pp.15-20, 2013-07
  • Sugnificant association of urokinase plasminogen activator Pro141Leu with serum lipid profiles in a Japanese population
    T Tamura; E Morita; S Kawai; R Okada; M Naito; K Wakai; Y...
    Gene/524(2)/pp.363-367, 2013-07
  • Gene-Gene Combination Effect and Interactions among ABCA1, APOA1, SR-B1, and CETP Polymorphism for Serum High-Density Lipoprotein-Cholesterol in the Japanese Population.
    A Nakamura; H Niimura; K Kuwabara; T Takezaki; E Morita; ...
    PLoS One/8(12)/p.e82046, 2013-12
  • Common variant of leucine-rich repeat-containing 16A (LRRC16A) gene is associated with gout suspectively.
    M Sakiyama; H Matsuo; S Shimizu; T Chiba; A Nakayama; Y T...
    Hum Cell/27(1)/pp.1-4, 2014-01
  • Common variants of a urate-associated gene LRP2 are not associated with gout susceptibility.
    A Nakayama; H Matsuo; T Shimizu; Y Takada; T Nakamura; S ...
    Rheumatology international/34(4)/pp.473-476, 2014-04
  • Associations between Body Mass Index and Serum Uric Acid Levels in a Japanese Population were Significantly Modified by LRP2 rs2544390.
    S Suma; M Naito; R Okada; S Kawai; G Yin; E Morita; K Wak...
    Nagoya J. Med. Sci/76/pp.333-339, 2014-08
  • ATP-binding cassette transporter A1 (ABCA1) R219K (G1051A, rs2230806) polymorphism and serum high-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels in a large Japanese population: cross-sectional data from the Daiko Study.
    J Mokuno; A Hishida; E Morita; T Sasakabe; Y Hattori; S S...
    Endocr J/62(6)/pp.543-549, 2015-01
  • GGT1 intronic A>G polymorphism affects serum concentration of γ-glutamyltransferase among Japanese healthy adult.
    S Kawai; M Naito; E Morita; R Okada; A Hishida; K Wakai; ...
    Ningen Dock International/2(2)/pp.7-11, 2015-03
  • Effects of IL6 C-634G polymorphism on tooth loss and their interaction with smoking habits.
    S Suma; M Naito; K Wakai; T Sasakabe; Y Hattori; R Okada;...
    Oral Dis/21(6)/pp.807-813, 2015-09
  • No association between Helicobacter pylori infection and diabetes mellitus among a general Japanese population: a cross‑sectional study.
    T Tamura; E Morita; S Kawai; T Sasakabe; Y Sugimoto; N Fu...
    SpringerPlus/4/p.602, 2015-10
  • Effects of self-reported calorie restriction on correlations between SIRT1 polymorphisms and body mass index and long-term weight change.
    T Higashibata; K Wakai; M Naito; E Morita; A Hishida; N H...
    Gene/594(1)/pp.16-22, 2016-12
  • Frequency of forest walking is not associated with prevalence of hypertension based on cross-sectional studies of a general Japanese population: A reconfirmation by the J-MICC Daiko Study.
    Morita Emi; Kadomatsu Yuka; Tsukamoto Mineko; Kubo Yoko; ...
    Nagoya Journal of Medical Science/81(3)/pp.489-500, 2019-08