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Takei Hideyuki

Faculty of Medicine
Official title
Assistant Professor
Refereed academic journal/Refereed international conference paper
Other articles
  • Current status and future of the radiotherapy for cancer
    櫻井 英幸; 奥村 敏之; 石川 仁; 野中 哲生; 神澤 聡; 武居 ...
    Current status and future of the radiotherapy for cancer, ㈱北隆館, pp.11-15, 2019-04
  • Part 2 4章 ドプラ法
    中島 秀樹; 武居 秀行
    MR・超音波・眼底基礎知識図解ノート 第2版, 2018-03
  • 12章 部位別放射線治療の概要と治療法
    武居 秀行; 奥村 敏之
    放射線治療基礎知識図解ノート, 金原出版株式会社, pp.290-300, 2016-03
  • 小児がんの陽子線治療
    櫻井 英幸; 水本 斉志; 中尾 朋平; 田中 圭一; 斎藤 高; 武居...
    小児がんの陽子線治療 小児固形がん患者のQOLを目指して, 編集室なるにあ, pp.1-8, 2018-04
Conference, etc.
  • Development of Accurate EPID in Vivo Dosimetry for Photon Therapy
    Takei H.; Isobe T.; Watanabe Y.; Hasegawa T.; Sato E.; Ha...
    60th Annual Meeting of the American-Association-of-Physicists-in-Medicine/2018-07-29--2018-08-02
  • The Feasibility of Liquid Ionization Chamber for Small Field Dosimetry i Proton therapy
    Isobe T; Kitamura K; Takei T; Sato M; Sato T; Sakurai H; ...
  • 3D皮膚線量分布図の作成
    磯辺 智範; 富田哲也; 小林大輔; 鈴木慶史; 髙橋英希; 武居秀...
  • Influence of exposure associated with IGRT on dose distribution and NTCP in prostate IMRT.
    T Isobe; T Tomita; T Terunuma; D Kobayashi; H Takei; Y Mo...
    7th KJMP(第108回日本医学物理学会学術大会)/2017-9--2017-9
  • Characteristics of liquid ionization chamber for photon and electron beams
    Hideyuki Takei; Tomonori Isobe; Nozomi Kitamura; Satoshi ...
  • Message from Medical Physicist to Radiation Oncologist
    Takei Hideyuki
    8th Japan-Korea Joint Meeting on Medical Physics/2017-09-15--2017-09-17
  • Energy response correction for EPID dosimetry in photon therapy
    Takei Hideyuki; Isobe Tomonori; Watanabe Yusuke; Sato Eis...
    International Conference on Monte Carlo Techniques for Medical Applications 2017/2017-10-15--2017-10-18
  • Development of a simple measurement system for proton beam therapy.
    Mori Yutaro; Isobe Tomonori; Takei Hideyuki; Yamaguchi Yo...
    8th Japan-Korea Joint Meeting on Medical Physics/2017-09-15--2017-09-16

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