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Lafontaine Andree

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Official title
Assistant Professor
Research projects
Women's Modernity and the Hearst Media Empire2019 -- 2021Lafontaine AndreeJapan Society for the Promotion of Science/Grant-in-Aid for Early-Career Scientists2,990,000Yen
Dorothy Arzner: Performing and Transforming Gender in Hollywood2014-10 -- 2016-09FQRSC/5,200,000Yen
Doctoral Bursary2009-09 -- 2010-09Hydro-Quebec/1,150,000Yen
Doctoral Bursary2009-09 -- 2012-05FQRSC/5,000,000Yen
International Internship Bursary2012-06 -- 2012-09/405,000Yen
Career history
2016-01 -- 2018-03Aichi University Assistant Professor of American Studies
2014-10 -- 2015-12University of Montreal Postdoctoral Fellow
2014-10PhD Film and Moving Image StudiesConcordia University
2004-03Master's of Political ScienceUniversity of Ottawa
Honors & Awards
2013Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema Travel Award
2011Concordia University Conference Support Award
2010Concordia University Conference Support Award
2006Bourse Intersemiotique Ian Bailey
2000University of Ottawa Dean's Honour List
2000University of Ottawa Master's Admission Scholarship
1999University of Ottawa Merit Scholarship
1996University of Ottawa Admission Scholarship for Academic Excellence
Refereed academic journal/Refereed international conference paper
Other articles
  • 'Free and Easy? A Defining History of the American Film Musical Genre' by Sean Griffin (Book Review)
    Lafontaine Andree
    Historical Journal of Film, Radio, and Television/38(1)/pp.435-436, 2018-02
  • 'Hollywood and the Great Depression: American Film, Politics and Society in the 1930s' by Iwan Morgan and Philip John Davies (eds) (Book Review)
    Lafontaine Andree
    Synoptique/6(1)/pp.124-125, 2017-10
  • 'The Woman's Film of the 1940s: Gender, Narrative, and History' by Alison L. McKee (Book Review)
    Lafontaine Andree
    Film & History/46(2)/pp.70-72, 2016-03
  • Vito Zagarrio's 'The Un-Happy Ending: Reviewing the Cinema of Frank Capra' (Book Review)
    Lafontaine Andree
    Synoptique/2(1)/pp.78-79, 2013-12
  • Re-Focus: The Films of Xavier Dolan
    Lafontaine Andree
    Edinburgh University Press, 2019-09
  • 'I'm looking for someone who understands my language and speaks it': Dolan's 'Excessive' Dialogues
    Lafontaine Andree
    ReFocus: The Films of Xavier Dolan, pp.191-208, 2019-09
  • As American as Chop Suey: The Chop Suey Joint in Classical Hollywood Film
    Lafontaine Andree
    Chop Suey and Sushi from Sea to Shining Sea: Chinese and Japanese Restaurants in the United States, University of Arkansas Press, pp.235-252, 2018-11
  • Sink or Swim in Liquid Modernity: The Chronotope of the Modern Woman in Depression-Era Hollywood
    Lafontaine Andree
  • A Critical Analysis of Slavoj Zizek's Political Thought
    Lafontaine Andree
Conference, etc.
  • J'parle p'tete pas l'français d'France amis oui j'parle français!
    Lafontaine Andree
    Identity Performance in North American Francophone Spaces/2020-03-20--2020-03-21
  • The Gender Politics of the Women's Pages
    Lafontaine Andree
    International Associaton for Media and History (IAMHIST) biannual conference/2019-07-16--3029-07-18
  • Environmental Anxieties: The Rise of Cli-Fi Gothic
    Lafontaine Andree
    Gothic Spaces: Houses, Landscapes, Bodies/2019-10-19--2019-10-20
  • Synecdoche: Quebec: The Glocal Facets of Xavier Dolan's Cinema
    Lafontaine Andree
    Society for Cinema and Media Studies (SCMS) annual conference/2018-03-14--2018-03-18
  • The Refracted Gazes of NHK's 'Home Sweet Tokyo'
    Lafontaine Andree
    Society for Cinema and Media Studies (SCMS) annual conference/2019-03-13--2019-03-17
  • Leftover Women and Wasted Lives
    Lafontaine Andree
    Refugees and Waste Symposium/2019-02-21--2019-02-21
  • Sailing Through Liquid Modernity: the Ocean Liner in Depression-Era Hollywood
    Lafontaine Andree
    XXVI International Conference of Film Studies/2018-11-21--2018-11-23
  • Reproducing the Future in Recent Female-Centered Science Fiction Films
    Lafontaine Andree
    Tsukuba Global Science Week/2018-09-20--2018-09-22
  • The Fallen Woman's Imagined Geographies in Depression-Era Films
    Lafontaine Andree
    International American Studies Association (IASA) annual conference/2017-07-19--2017-07-21
  • Eating Chinese: Chop Suey Identity in 1930s Hollywood
    Lafontaine Andree
    Society for Cinema and Media Studies (SCMS) annual conference/2017-03-22--2017-03-26
  • MGM's Early Transmedia Practices
    Lafontaine Andree
    International Associaton for Media and History (IAMHIST)/2015-06-17--2015-06-20
  • A Feverish Work Ethic: Patriotism in Early 1930s Woman's Films
    Lafontaine Andree
    Annual Film & History Conference/2016-10-26--2016-10-30
  • Consuming American Identities in Early 1930s Hollywood Films
    Lafontaine Andree
    American Studies Association of Korea (ASAK)/2016-09-30--2016-10-01
  • 'Our Dancing Daughters': The Unstable Boundaries of an Early Transmedia Object
    Lafontaine Andree
    Film Studies Association of Canada (FSAC) annual conference/2015-05-30--2015-06-01
  • Exodus and the National Imaginary in Depression-Era Woman's Films
    Lafontaine Andree
    International American Studies Association (IASA) annual conference/2015-08-18--2015-08-20
  • Lesbian Pleasures and Dorothy Arzner's 'Spectacularly Spineless' Men
    Lafontaine Andree
    London Film and Media Annual Conference/2013-07-26--2013-07-29
  • Toward Female Masochism: Catherine Breillat's Night After Night
    Lafontaine Andree
    Film and Philosophy annual conference/2011-07-06--2011-07-08
  • Empire of the Son: Deleuze and Masochism
    Lafontaine Andree
    Psychoanalysis, Culture and Society Postgraduate Conference/2013-07-15--2013-07-16
  • Disciplining the Study of Film
    Lafontaine Andree
    Film and Philosophy annual conference/2009-07-16--2009-07-18
  • For the Love of Movies: Cinephilia, Philosophy
    Lafontaine Andree
    Film and Philosophy annual conference/2010-07-15--2010-07-17
2020-01 -- 2020-02Anglo-American Studies V: AfrofuturismUniversity of Tsukuba
2019-10 -- 2020-02PhD Seminar in North American Literature and Culture: Noir WritersUniversity of Tsukuba
2020-05 -- 2020-07Special Topic in Gender Studies: Gender and PowerUniversity of Tsukuba
2020-05 -- 2020-07Studies in Anglophone Culture (IA)University of Tsukuba
2020-04 -- 2020-07Film StudiesHosei University
2019-04 -- 2019-08PhD Seminar in English Literature and Culture: MelodramaUniversity of Tsukuba
2018-10 -- 2019-02PhD Seminar in English Literature and Culture: HitchcockUniversity of Tsukuba
2018-07 -- 2018-08PhD Seminar in North American Literature and Culture: Afrofuturist CinemaUniversity of Tsukuba
2018-10 -- 2019-02Seminar in Anglo-American Studies V: Political FictionsUniversity of Tsukuba.
2018-04 -- 2020-08Special Topic in Canadian Studies I: Quebec CinemaUniversity of Tsukuba.

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