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Maemura Hirohiko

Researcher's full information

Refereed academic journal/Refereed international conference paper
  • Factors influencing excessCO2 output during and after short duration-intensive exercise: Focusing on skeletal muscle characteristics
    Maemura H.; Suzuki Y.; Mukai N.; Takamatsu K.
    Int. J. Sport Health Sci./2/pp.129-135, 2004-09
  • Changes in anthropometric factor, physical fitness and sprint motion during the training process in elite female sprinters
    新井 宏昌; 渡邉 信晃; 高本 恵美; 真鍋 芳明; 前村 公彦; 岩...
    Research of physical education/49(4)/pp.335-346, 2004-07
  • 短時間高強度運動における過剰CO2排出量の評価法および運動パフォーマンスとの関係.
    前村 公彦; 鈴木康弘; 伊藤 穣; 蒲原一之; 高松 薫
    体育学研究/48(6)/pp.679-690, 2003-10