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Maruyama Mina

Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences
Official title
Assistant Professor
Refereed academic journal/Refereed international conference paper
  • Pentadiamond: A Hard Carbon Allotrope of a Pentagonal Network of sp2 and sp3 C Atoms
    Yasumaru Fujii; Mina Maruyama; Nguyen Thanh Cuong; Okada ...
    Physical Review Letters/125/p.016001, 2020-06
  • Electronic structure of graphene under periodic uniaxial tensile strain
    Tomori Hikari; Maruyama Mina; Okada Susumu
    Japanese Journal of Applied Physics/59/p.075002, 2020-06
  • Asymmetric carrier penetration into hexagonal boron nitride in graphene field effect transistors
    Okada Susumu; Maruyama Mina; Gao Yanlin
    Applied Physics Express/13/p.075005, 2020-07
  • Influence of interlayer stacking on gate-induced carrier accumulation in a bilayer MoS2
    Maruyama Mina; Nagashio Kosuke; Okada Susumu
    ACS Applied Electronic Materials/2/pp.1352-1357, 2020-04
  • Influence of interlayer stacking arrangements on carrier accumulation in bilayer graphene field effect transistors
    Gao Yanlin; Maruyama Mina; Okada Susumu
    Applied Physics Express/13(6)/p.065006 , 2020-05
  • Electronic state tuning of graphene nanorribons with pyridinic edges by hydrogenation
    Yasuma Airi; Okada Susumu; GAO Yanlin; Maruyama Mina
    Japanese Journal of Applied Physics/58/p.125001, 2019-12
  • One-dimensional van der Waals heterostructures
    Rong Xiang; Taiki Inoue; Yongjia Zheng; Akihito Kumamoto;...
    Science/367/pp.537-542, 2020-02
  • Momentum selective optical absorption in triptycene molecular membrane
    Masashi Akita; Yasumaru Fujii; Mina Maruyama; Okada Susum...
    Physical Review B/101(8), 2020-03
  • Mechanical properties of carbon nanotube under uniaxial tensile strain
    Kazufumi Yoneyama; Mina Maruyama; yanlin GAO; Okada Susumu
    Japanese Journal of Applied Physics/59/p.SIID02, 2020-06
  • Asymptotic behaviors of the energetics and electronic structures of graphene with pyridinic defects
    Maruyama Mina; Okada Susumu
    Chemical Physics Letters/739/p.136966, 2020-02
  • Energetics and electronic structures of polymerized cyclobutadiene
    Maruyama Mina
    Japanese Journal of Applied Physics/53(3)/p.035103, 2014-3
  • Two-dimensional sp(2) carbon networks of fused pentagons
    Maruyama Mina
    Japanese Journal of Applied Physics/53(6)/p.06JD02, 2014-6
  • Geometric and electronic structures of polymerized C-32 fullerenes: Electronic structure tuning by fullerene and carbon nanotube filling
    Maruyama Mina
    Japanese Journal of Applied Physics/54(6)/p.06FF02, 2015-6
  • Geometric and Electronic Structures of Two-Dimensional Networks of Fused C-36 Fullerenes
    Maruyama Mina
    Journal of the Physical Soccer of Japan/84 (8)/p.084706, 2015-8
  • Strain-induced charge transfer and polarity control of a heterosheet comprising C-60 and graphene
    Maruyama Mina
    Applied Physics Express/10(9)/p.095101, 2017-9
  • Highly Conductive and Transparent Large-Area Bilayer Graphene Realized by MoCl5 Intercalation
    Maruyama Mina
    Advanced Materials/29(41)/p.1702141, 2017-11
  • Band-Gap Engineering of Graphene Heterostructures by Substitutional Doping with B3N3
    Maruyama Mina
    ChemPhysChem/19(2)/pp.237-242, 2018-1
  • Hydrogen-Assisted Epitaxial Growth of Monolayer Tungsten Disulfide and Seamless Grain Stitching
    Maruyama Mina
    Chemistry of Materials/30(2)/pp.403-411, 2018-1
  • Electronic Structure of Two-Dimensional Hydrocarbon Networks of sp(2) and sp(3) C Atoms
    丸山 実那
    Journal of The Physical Society of Japan/87(3)/p.034704, 2018-5
  • Carrier Transport and Photoresponse in GeSe/MoS2 Heterojunction p-n Diodes
    丸山 実那
    Small/14(22)/p.1704559, 2018-5
  • Energetics and formation mechanism of borders between hexagonal boron nitride and graphene
    丸山 実那
    Applied Physics Express/11(6)/p.065201, 2018-6
  • Efficient Photocarrier Transfer and Effective Photoluminescence Enhancement in Type I Monolayer MoTe2/WSe2 Heterostructure
    丸山 実那
    Advanced Functional Materials/28(35)/p.1801021, 2018-8
  • Surface-Mediated Aligned Growth of Monolayer MoS2 and In-Plane Heterostructures with Graphene on Sapphire
    丸山 実那
    ACS Nano/12(10)/pp.10032-10044, 2018-10
  • Geometric and electronic structures of two-dimensionally polymerized triptycene: covalent honeycomb networks comprising triptycene and polyphenyl
    丸山 実那
    Japanese Journal of Applied Physics/57(12)/p.125203, 2018-12
  • van der Waals interaction-induced photoluminescence weakening and multilayer growth in epitaxially aligned WS2
    丸山 実那
    Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics/20(47)/pp.29790-29797, 2018-12
Other articles
Conference, etc.
  • Adiabatic Heuristicの数値的検証
    溝口知成; 丸山実那; 岡田晋; 初貝 安弘
    日本物理学会 2019年秋季大会/2019-09-10--2019-09-13
  • Spring-mass模型におけるHigher-orderトポロジカル相
    溝口知成; 丸山実那; 岡田晋; 初貝 安弘
    日本物理学会 2019年秋季大会/2019-09-10--2019-09-13
  • トリプチセン重合体におけるフラットバンドと高次トポロジカル相の理論
    溝口知成; 丸山実那; 岡田晋; 初貝 安弘
    日本物理学会 2019年秋季大会/2019-09-10--2019-09-13
2019-10 -- 2020-02Graduation ThesisUniversity of Tsukuba.
2019-04 -- 2019-08Graduation ThesisUniversity of Tsukuba.

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