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Matsushima Midori

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Official title
Associate Professor
Research keywords
Policy Evaluation
Health Economics
Public Policy
Social Determinants of Health
Research projects
民族多様性と人々の健康~ミャンマーを対象とした研究からの多民族共生社会への示唆2019-04 -- 2020-03Midori MatsushimaNomura Foundation/社会科学 2019年度 研究助成
妊産婦への政策介入と母親の健康・次世代へのインパクト〜自然実験を用いた検証2019 -- 2021松島 みどりJapan Society for the Promotion of Science/Grant-in-Aid for Early-Career Scientists3,510,000Yen
「新生児の健康が教育成果・健康資本に与える影響の実証研究と政策評価」2015-04 -- 2019-03松島みどりJSPS/科学研究費若手研究(B)15K17082
東南アジアの保健医療政策の検証・今後への示唆2018-04 -- 2019-03松島みどり大阪商業大学/比較地域研究所研究プロジェクト
「東南アジアの保健医療政策の比較・検証」2016-04 -- 2018-03松島みどり大阪商業大学/比較地域研究所研究プロジェクト
政策効果の検証~社会医療政策が新生児の健康及び成長過程に与える影響2014-11 -- 2016-03松島みどりユニベール財団/ユニベール財団研究助成金
Career history
2018-04 -- 9999-01Osaka University of Commerce Faculty of Public Affairs Assistant Professor
2015-04 -- 2018-03Osaka University of Commerce Faculty of Management Assistant Professor
2012-04 -- 2015-03Osaka University of Commerce Faculty of Management Assistant Professor
Academic background
2010-10 -- 2015-03Osaka University International Public Policy PhD. Programme
2009-04 -- 2010-09Osaka University International Public Policy Master Programme
2003-09 -- 2006-07University of East Anglia Development Studies with overseas experience
2015-03International Public PoliciesOsaka University
Academic societies
Honors & Awards
2015-03Ph.D thesis award
2011-03Master thesis award
Refereed academic journal/Refereed international conference paper
  • Analysis on demand‐ and supply‐side responses during the expansion of health insurance coverage in Vietnam: Challenges and policy implications toward universal health coverage
    Matsushima Midori; Hiroyuki Yamada; Yasuharu Shimamura
    Review of Development Economics/ 24(1)/pp.144-166, 2020-02
  • Geriatric Depressive Symptoms in Myanmar: Incidence and Associated Factors.
    Yamada Hiroyuki; Yoshikawa Kanako; Matsushima Midori
    Journal of Applied Gerontology/Epub, 2019-10
  • 現在の幸福度と将来への希望:幸福度指標の政策的活用
    松島みどり; 立福家徳; 伊角彩; 山内直人
    日本経済研究/73/pp.31-56, 2016
  • 長時間労働とウェル・ビーイング〜社会企業家を対象としたデータ分析からの示唆〜
    厚生の指標/65(4)/pp.16-24, 2018
  • 妊婦健康診査の公費負担回数増加が健診回数及び低体重出生児割合に与える影響
    松島みどり; 小原美紀
    社会保障研究/3(4)/pp.546-560, 2019
  • Community Characteristics of Female Autonomy, Status and Adolescent Childbearing Related Behaviour: Demographic Health Survey Nicaragua 1998 and 2001
    Midori Matsushima
    Journal of International Health/28(2)/pp.63-74, 2013
  • Public Health Insurance in Vietnam towards Universal Coverage: Identifying the challenges, issues, and problems in its design and organisational practices.
    Matsushima Midori; Yamada Hiroyuki
    Journal of International Health/29(4)/pp.289-297, 2014
  • Social Capital and Subjective Well-Being in Japan
    Matsushima Midori; Matsunaga Yoshiho
    VOLUNTAS/26(4)/pp.1016-1045, 2015
  • Impacts of Bribery in Healthcare in Vietnam
    Matsushima Midori; Yamada Hiroyuki;
    The Journal of Development Studies/52(10)/pp.1479-1498, 2016
  • Altruism and Primary Healthcare Workers' Job Satisfaction: Findings from Central Vietnam
    Matsushima Midori; Yamada Hiroyuki; Shimamura Yasuharu; N...
    Journal of Sustainable Development/10(5)/pp.85-93, 2017
  • Life course consequences of low birth weight: Evidence from Japan
    Matsushima Midori; Shimizutani Satoshi; Yamada Hiroyuki
    Journal of the Japanese and International Economies/50/pp.37-47, 2018
  • Willingness-to-Pay for Family-Based Health Insurance: Findings from Household and Health Facility Surveys in Central Vietnam.
    Shimamura Yasuharu; Matsushima Midori; Yamada Hiroyuki; N...
    Global Journal of Health Science/10(7)/pp.24-35, 2018
  • Effect of Unemployment on Infant Health
    Miki kohara Midori Matsushima Fumio Ohtake
    Journal of The Japanese and International Economies/vol. 52(C)/pp.68-77, 2019
  • New evidence on predictable validity of grip strength on later life outcomes in Japan
    Midori Matsushima Satoshi Shimizutani Hiroyuki Yamada
    Applied Economics Letters, 2019
Other articles
  • Is a Heroic Social Entrepreneur a Good Manager?―Findings from a Quantitative Analysis of Japanese Social Enterpreneurs
    Midori Matsushima; Kohei Kijima
  • Inequality in Myanmar: Quantitative Understanding of Wealth Disparity Between the Burmese and the Ethnic Minorities
    松島 みどり
    Region and Society/22/pp.83-103, 2020-02
  • Does Trust Ease the Decline in Happiness after Traumatic Experiences?
    Matsushima Midori. Matsunaga Yoshiho
    大商大論集/9(3)/pp.21-37, 2014
  • 第10章 幸福度ー経済要因だけでは規定されないもの
    松島 みどり; 伊角彩
    ソーシャル・キャピタルと市民社会・政治 幸福・信頼を高めるガバナンスの構築は可能か, pp.255-285, 2019-06
  • Empirical Studies on Social Determinants of Health and Well-being
    Matsushima Midori
Conference, etc.
  • Betel quid intake and its associated factors in Myanmar
    松島 みどり
  • Ethnic Diversity and Health
    松島 みどり
    The 14th Annual Conference of JHEA 7 Sep 2019
  • 社会企業家の健康,幸福度,満足度:ミッションとワーク・ライフバランス
  • A Multilevel Analysis on the Relationship between Women’s Autonomy and Adolescent Childbearing Behaviour: A study in Nicaragua
    The 7th ISTR Latin American and Caribbean Regional Meeting./2011-07-13
  • Social Capital and Subjective Well-being in Japan – With Particular Reference to Reciprocity Activities of Volunteering–
    The 8th ISTR Asia Pacific Regional Meeting/2013-10-26
  • Analysis on Demand and Supply-side Responses during the Expansion of Health Insurance Coverage in Vietnam: Challenges and Policy Implications toward Universal Health Coverage
    The 10th Annual Conference of Japan Health Economics Association/2015-09-05
  • The Effect of an Increment of Prenatal Care Subsidies on Newborn Babies’ Health
    The 11th Annual Meeting of Japan Health Economics Association (JHEA)/2016-09-03
  • Willingness-to-pay for health insurance in Vietnam: Findings from household and health facility surveys in Central Vietnam 2014
    The 15th International Convention of the East Asian Economic Association/2016-11-06
  • The Effect of Public Support of Prenatal Care on Infant Health
    The first annual meetings of Society of Economics of the Household (SEHO)./2017-06-01
  • Negative Intergenerational Impact of Poor Health during Pregnancy
    The 12th Annual Conference of Japan Health Economics Association (JHEA)./2017-09-02
  • Is a Heroic Social Entrepreneur a Good Manager? – Findings from a Quantitative Analysis of Japanese Social Entrepreneurs.
    The 10th ISTR Asia Pacific Regional Meeting./2017-12-04
2019-04 -- 2019-07Seminar on Policy Analysis and Programme Evaluation IAUniversity of Tsukuba.
2019-04 -- 2019-07Special Seminar on Policy Analysis and Programme Evaluation IAUniversity of Tsukuba.
2019-10 -- 2019-12Seminar on Policy Analysis and Programme Evaluation IBUniversity of Tsukuba.
2019-10 -- 2019-12Policy Analysis and Programme Evaluation IBUniversity of Tsukuba.
2019-04 -- 2019-07Policy Analysis and Programme Evaluation IAUniversity of Tsukuba.
2019-10 -- 2019-12Special Seminar on Policy Analysis and Programme Evaluation IBUniversity of Tsukuba.
2019-10 -- 2019-12English Discussion Seminar (E)University of Tsukuba.
2019-10 -- 2019-12Social DevelopmentUniversity of Tsukuba.
Professional activities
2015-10 -- 9999-01FIDR(公益財団法人国際開発救援財団)アドバイザー
2015-04 -- 9999-01東大阪市男女共同参画審議会 委員
2017-09 -- 2017-09ISFJ日本政策学生会議アドバイザー
2013-11 -- 2017-03京都府京丹後市幸福のまちづくり研究会 研究員

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