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Nakamura Yuki

Faculty of Medicine
Official title
Junior Assistant Professor
Refereed academic journal/Refereed international conference paper
Other articles
  • 競技力を高める時差ボケ対策 (特集 パワースリープ : 健康と体力を高める睡眠)
    Petit Elisabeth; 中村 優希; Garbellotto Lucas; 前田 清司;...
    体育の科学/68(11)/pp.789-792, 2018-11
  • The effect of quality of sleep on athletic performance in badminton player
    中村 優希; 崔 英珠; 吹田 真士; 徳山 薫平; 佐藤 誠; 前田 清司
    Journal of training science for exercise and sport = トレーニング科学/28(4)/pp.183-189, 2017
  • The Effect of Sleep Quality on Cognitive Functions in Young Healthy Men
    NAKAMURA Yuki; CHOI Youngju; AKAZAWA Nobuhiko; PARK Insun...
    Advances in exercise and sports physiology/24(4)/pp.51-56, 2019-03
  • Effect of sleep efficiency on salivary metabolite profile and cognitive function during exercise in volleyball athletes
    Akazawa Nobuhiko; Kobayashi Naoko; Nakamura Yuki; Kumagai...
    European journal of applied physiology/119(10)/pp.2215-2223, 2019-08

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