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Horikoshi Naoki

Life Science Center for Survival Dynamics, Tsukuba Advanced Research Alliance (TARA)
Official title
Assistant Professor
Research fields
Structural biochemistry
Research keywords
Career history
2019-04 -- (current)筑波大学 生存ダイナミクス研究センター 助教
2019-04 -- (current)Stanford University School of Medicine, Department of Structural Biology Visiting Assistant Professor
2017-07 -- 2019-03Stanford University School of Medicine, Department of Structural Biology Postdoctoral Research Fellow
2014-04 -- 2017-06Waseda University Research Institute for Science and Engineering Junior Researcher/Assistant Professor
Academic background
2011-04 -- 2014-03早稲田大学大学院 先進理工学研究科 電気・情報生命専攻 博士後期課程Completed
2009-04 -- 2011-03早稲田大学大学院 先進理工学研究科 電気・情報生命専攻 修士課程Completed
2005-04 -- 2009-03早稲田大学 理工学部 電気・情報生命工学科Graduated
Academic societies
2013-04 -- (current)The Japanese Biochemical Society
2012-01 -- (current)The Japanese Society for Epigenetics
2009-08 -- (current)The Molecular Biology Society of Japan
Honors & Awards
Refereed academic journal/Refereed international conference paper
Other articles
Other activities
2019-04 -- (current)(IUCr) Acta Crystallographica Section D 査読

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