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Doan Quang Van

Center for Computational Sciences
Official title
Assistant Professor
3rd floor, Center for Computational Sciences
Research fields
Meteorology/Physical oceanography/Hydrology
Research keywords
Urban Climate
Urban Canopy Model
Global warming
Climate in the Southeast Asia
Applied Meteorology and Climatology
Numerical modeling
Research projects
東京首都圏における新型肺炎など公衆衛生が都市環境に及ぼす影響に関する研究2020-05 -- 2021-04Doan Quang Van株式会社日建設計総合研究所/共同研究1,200,000Yen
TOD型都市開発手法の環境価値向上と環境負荷低減効果の評価システム開発2020-08 -- 2021-07日下博幸株式会社日建設計総合研究所/共同研究460,000Yen
Study on interaction between environmental pollution and meteorological changes via water substances2020-04 -- 2022-03KAJINO MizuoJapan Society for the Promotion of Science/Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (A)900,000Yen
Urbanization impacts on convective precipitation in the tropics2020-04 -- 2023-03Doan Quang VanJapan Society for the Promotion of Science/Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientist4,160,000Yen
Career history
2019-09 -- (current)University of Tsukuba Center for Computational Sciences Assistant professor
2018-05 -- 2019-08Meteorological Service Singapore Centre for Climate Research Singapore Research scientist
2016-07 -- 2018-04University of Tsukuba Center for Computational Sciences Research scientist
Academic background
2012-04 -- 2016-07University of Tsukuba Graduate School of Life and Environmental Science The Doctoral Program in Geoenvironmental SciencesCompleted
2010-04 -- 2012-03Yokohama National University Graduate School of Engineering Division of Civil Engineering, ArchitectureCompleted
2005-04 -- 2010-03Yokohama National University Faculty of Engineering Division of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Marine TechnologyGraduated
2016-06PhD in ScienceUniversity of Tsukuba
Academic societies
2020-05 -- (current)American Geophysical Union
2020-05 -- (current)American Meteorological Society
2019-09 -- (current)the Meteorological Society of Japan
2019-02 -- (current)Royal Meteorological Society
2019-05 -- (current)International Association for Urban Climate
Honors & Awards
2016-06Student Award by the dean of Graduate School of Life and Environmental Science, University of Tsukuba
Refereed academic journal/Refereed international conference paper
Other articles
Conference, etc.
  • アジアのメガシティの都市気候
    日下 博幸; Doan; 中村真悟; ロナルドエストケ
  • アジアのメガシティの都市気候
    日下 博幸; Doan; 中村真悟; ロナルドエストケ
  • A high-resolution emission inventory for air quality modeling studies in Hanoi, Vietnam in 2017
    Nguyen T. H.; Nagashima T.; Doan Q. V.
    AGU Fall Meeting/2020-12-01--2020-12-17
  • Numerical evaluation system for improving the environmental value and reducing an environmental load of Transit-Oriented Development
    Vitanova Lidia; S Yamamura; Kusaka Hiroyuki; Doan Quang-Van
    AGU Fall Meeting/2020-12-01--2020-12-17
  • Using High-resolution Satellite Precipitation Products to Explore the Effect of Urbanization on Heavy Rainfall over Yangtze River Delta of China
    Wang Jie; Fei Chen; Doan Quang-Van; Y Xu
    AGU Fall Meeting/2020-12-01--2020-12-17
  • Response of Extreme Convective Rainfall in a Tropical City to the Future Warming Climate
    DOAN Quang-Van; CHEN Fei; KUSAKA Hiroyuki; KHAN Ansar; DI...
    AOGS 2021 Annual Meeting/2021-08-01--2021-08-06
  • The Impact of Urbanization in Southeast Asia on the Local Climate Over the Last 100 Years: Numerical Study with Regional Climate WRF Model
    KUSAKA Hiroyuki; DOAN Quang-Van; NAKAMURA Shingo; VITANOV...
    AOGS 2021 Annual Meeting/2021-08-01--2021-08-06
  • Global Warming and Extreme Precipitation in a Mega City: A Case Study of Tokyo, Japan
    Doan Quang Van; CHEN Fei; KUSAKA Hiroyuki; WANG Jie; KAJ...
    AOGS 2021 Annual Meeting/2021-08-01--2021-08-06
  • Impact of urbanization on convective rainfall in Singapore
    Doan Quang Van; Anurag Dipankar; Andres Simon-Moral
  • Linkage between urbanization and the change in extreme precipitation over the Tokyo metropolitan area, Japan
    Doan Quang Van; Chen Fei; Kusaka Hiroyuki; Wang Jie
    AGU Fall Meeting/2020-12-01--2020-12-17
  • 気象パータン分類用の新しい自己組織化マップアゴリズム S-SOM の開発
    Doan Quang Van; 日下 博幸
  • Urban Climate of Mega-Cities in Asia
    日下 博幸; ドアン ヴァン; リディア ビタノバ; 中村 真悟; ...
  • Can thermodynamic theory really explain the primary type of foehn warming?
    日下 博幸; 西 暁史; 柿沼 亜衣; ドアン ヴァン; 小野寺 平; ...
    Okada Maki; Kusaka Hiroyuki; Ogasawara Norimitsu; Ichizaw...
  • 領域モデルにおける境界層スキームとramp現象の再現性
    日下 博幸; 石崎 紀子; 荒木 貴光; Doan Quang Van; 池田 亮作
Professional activities
2020-01 -- 2023-01American Meteorological SocietyMember of Board on Urban Environment

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