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Kamijo Keita

University of Tsukuba
Official title
Associate Professor
Research keywords
Cognitive Neuroscience, Exercise Psychology, Health Psychology
Research projects
The association of childhood obesity to brain health: from the aspect of cognitive control2012-01 -- 2014-01科学研究費助成事業(早稲田大学)/科学研究費助成事業(研究活動スタート支援)3,120,000Yen
運動による子どもの認知機能向上は学習成果に影響を与えるのか2019-04 -- 2022-03森田 憲輝科学研究費助成事業(北海道教育大学)/科学研究費補助金(基盤C)
子どもの運動学習に関する脳神経科学的バイオマーカーの探索2019-04 -- 2022-03中田 大貴科学研究費助成事業(奈良女子大学)/科学研究費補助金(基盤C)
子供の体力と記憶機能の関係―潜在記憶に注目して―2018-04 -- 2020-03紙上 敬太科学研究費助成事業(筑波大学)/科学研究費補助金(挑戦的研究(萌芽))
運動や体力向上は子どもの認知機能の発達を加速させるか ―縦断研究による関連性の解明2017-04 -- 2019-03佐川 正人科学研究費助成事業(北海道教育大学)/科学研究費補助金(基盤C)
国民の身体活動不足解消を具現化するための健康スポーツ科学研究の基盤形成2015-01 -- 2019-01岡 浩一朗私立大学研究ブランディング事業(早稲田大学)/私立大学研究ブランディング事業
一人で運動を行うことは脳に悪いのか?―運動が記憶機能に与える影響に注目して―2015-01 -- 2016-01紙上敬太科学研究費助成事業(早稲田大学)/科学研究費助成事業(挑戦的萌芽研究)3,770,000Yen
若年女性のやせすぎと脳の健康―実行機能に注目して―2014-01 -- 2016-01紙上敬太科学研究費助成事業(早稲田大学)/科学研究費助成事業(若手研究(A))21,580,000Yen
Career history
2019-10 -- 9999-01University of Tsukuba Associate Professor
2018-07 -- 2019-09The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Project Researcher
2018-06 -- 2019-09University of Tsukuba Faculty of Engineering, Information and Systems reseacher
2004-04 -- 2005-03Research Assistant of the 21st Century COE Program, University of Tsukuba
2005-04 -- 2006-03Research Fellow of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (21COE)
2006-04 -- 2007-03Research Fellow of the 21st Century COE Program, University of Tsukuba
2007-04 -- 2008-03Post-Doctoral Research Scientist, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
2008-04 -- 2009-02Research Associate, Faculty of Sport Sciences, Waseda University
2009-02 -- 2011-02Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Postdoctoral Fellow for Research Abroad
2009-02 -- 2012-03Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Academic background
2001-04 -- 2003-03University of Tsukuba Graduate School, Division of Physical Education 健康教育学専攻
2003-04 -- 2006-03University of Tsukuba Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences Doctoral Program in Physical Education, Health and Sport Sciences
Academic societies
-- (current)International Organization of Psychophysiology
-- (current)Society for Psychophysiological Research
-- (current)American Colledge of Sports Medicine
-- (current)Japan Society for Physiological Psychology and Psychophysiology
-- (current)Japanese Society of Physical Fitness and Sports Medicine
-- (current)Japan Society of Exercise and Sports Physiology
Honors & Awards
2012-0327th Meiji Yasuda Life Foundation of Health and Welfare Research Grant
2008-08Encouraging Prize in Japan Society of Exercise and Sports Physiology
2006-08Japan Society of Physical Education, Health and Sport Science Award
2014-11WASEDA RESEARCH AWARD (High-Impact Publication)
Refereed academic journal/Refereed international conference paper
Other articles
Professional activities
2016-07 -- 2017-03スポーツ庁「スポーツ・レクリエーション活動を通じた健康寿命延伸事業」協力者会議委員
Other activities
-- (current)Ad-Hoc Journal Reviewer 論文査読員 Annals of Medicine, 2015 Behavioral and Brain Functions, 2013 Biological Psychology, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 BMC Pediatrics, 2011 Brain and Cognition, 2013, 2016 Brain Sciences, 2012 Brain Plasticity, 2016 Cerebral Cortex, 2016 Child Development, 2016 Childhood Obesity, 2017 Clinical Neurophysiology, 2006, 2008 Cognitive, Affective, and Behavioral Neuroscience, 2013 Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, 2016 Developmental Neuroscience, 2013 Developmental Psychobiology, 2015 Developmental Science, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016 European Journal of Applied Physiology, 2010 European Journal of Sport Science, 2011, 2017 Experimental Brain Research, 2008 Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 2015, 2016, 2017 Games for Health Journal, 2014 International Journal of Neuroscience, 2010, 2012 International Journal of Psychophysiology, 2009, 201, 2015, 2017 International Journal of Sport and Health Science, 2009 International Journal of Sport Psychology, 2009, 2012 Journal of Aging and Physical Activity, 2011 Journal of Clinical Neurophysiology, 2011 Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 2014, 2016 Journal of Gerontology, Ser

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