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Hwangbo Dogyun

Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences
Official title
Assistant Professor
Plasma Research Center
Research fields
Plasma science
Nuclear fusion studies
Research keywords
atmospheric plasma applications
unipolar arc
plasma-surface interactions
Research projects
大気圧プラズマを利用した研究2020-02 -- (current)//企業からの受託研究(研究分担者)
LHD内壁のアーク痕の系統的観察2020-04 -- 2021-03皇甫度均National Institute of Fusion Sciences/General collaborative research programme
金属表面のナノ構造化が水素リサイクリングに及ぼす影響2020-04 -- 2021-03皇甫度均National Institute of Fusion Sciences/Bidirectional collaborative research programme
金属ナノ構造上で誘起されるアークプラ ズマの特性およびナノ構造の損耗に関する研究2017-04 -- 2019-11皇甫度均Japan Society of for the Promotion of Science/Grant-in-Aid for JSPS Fellows2,800,000Yen
Career history
2019-12 -- (current)University of Tsukuba Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences Assistant professor
2019-10 -- 2019-11Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Postdoctoral Research Fellow
2017-04 -- 2019-09Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Research Fellow
2019-09Ph.D Eng.Nagoya University
2017-03Master of EngineeringNagoya University
Academic societies
Honors & Awards
2018-06Nagoya University Outstanding Graduate Student Award
Refereed academic journal/Refereed international conference paper
  • Inspection of Arc Trails Formed in Stellarator/Heliotron Devices W7-X and LHD
    Hwangbo Dogyun; KAJITA Shin; DHARD Chandra Prakash; TOKIT...
    Plasma and Fusion Research, 2020-03
  • Helium irradiation effects on the surface modification and recrystallization of tungsten
    Khan A; Temmerman G De; Kajita S; Greuner H; Balden M; Hu...
    Physica Scripta, 2020-03
  • Inspection of W 7-X plasma-facing components after the operation phase OP1. 2b: observations and first assessments
    Dhard CP; Äkäslompolo S; Balden M; Baldzuhn J; Biedermann...
    Physica Scripta, 2020-03
  • Dynamics of the changes in the parameters of the arc plasma during the destruction of a helium-induced tungsten fuzz by arc pulses
    Barengolts SA; Hwangbo Dogyun; Kajita S; Ohno N; Frolova ...
    Nuclear Fusion, 2020-02
  • Enhanced fuzzy tungsten growth in the presence of tungsten deposition
    McCarthy Patrick; Hwangbo Dogyun; Bilton Matthew; Kajita ...
    Nuclear Fusion, 2020-01
  • Field Emission From Nanostructured Tendril Bundles
    Sinelnikov Dmitry; Bulgadaryan Daniel; Hwangbo Dogyun; Ka...
    IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, 2019-10
  • Ignition and Sustainment of Arcing on Nanostructured Tungsten Under Plasma Exposure
    Hwangbo Dogyun; Nishijima Daisuke; Kajita Shin; Doerner R...
    IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, 2019-08
  • Ignition and Behavior of Arc Spots on Helium Irradiated Tungsten Under Fusion Relevant Condition
    Kajita Shin; Hwangbo Dogyun; Ohno Noriyasu
    IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, 2019-04
  • Growth process of nano-tendril bundles with sputtered tungsten
    Hwangbo Dogyun; Kajita Shin; Tanaka Hirohiko; Ohno Noriyasu
    Nuclear Materials and Energy, 2019-01
  • Influence of heavier impurity deposition on surface morphology development and sputtering behavior explored in multiple linear plasma devices
    Nishijima D; Kreter A; Baldwin MJ; Borodin D; Eksaeva A; ...
    Nuclear Materials and Energy, 2019-01
  • Proton scattering from tungsten fuzz
    Bulgadaryan D; Sinelnikov D; Kurnaev V; Kajita S; Hwangbo...
    Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms, 2018-11
  • Growth of nano-tendril bundles on tungsten with impurity-rich He plasmas
    Hwangbo Dogyun; Kajita Shin; Ohno Noriyasu; McCarthy Patr...
    Nuclear Fusion, 2018-09
  • Effect of the nanostructured layer thickness on the dynamics of cathode spots on tungsten
    Barengolts Sergey A; Mesyats Vadim G; Tsventoukh Mikhail ...
    IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, 2018-08
  • Ignition and erosion of materials by arcing in fusion-relevant conditions
    Hwangbo Dogyun; Kajita Shin; Barengolts Sergey A; Tsvento...
    Contributions to Plasma Physics, 2018-07
  • Pulsation effects of incident ion energy on W fuzz growth
    Kajita Shin; Kawaguchi Shota; Hwangbo Dogyun; Tanaka Hiro...
    Plasma and Fusion Research, 2018-01
  • Erosion of nanostructured tungsten by laser ablation, sputtering and arcing
    Hwangbo Dogyun; Kawaguchi Shota; Kajita Shin; Ohno Noriyasu
    Nuclear Materials and Energy, 2017-08
  • Field Emission From Metal Surfaces Irradiated With Helium Plasmas
    Hwangbo Dogyun; Kajita Shin; Ohno Noriyasu; Sinelnikov Dm...
    IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, 2017-03
  • Arc tracks on nanostructured surfaces after microbreakdowns
    Sinelnikov D; Bulgadaryan D; Hwangbo Dogyun; Kajita S; Ko...
    Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 2016-09
  • Fuzzy nanostructure growth on Ta/Fe by He plasma irradiation
    Kajita Shin; Ishida Tomoya; Ohno Noriyasu; Hwangbo Dogyun...
    Scientific reports/6, 2016-04
  • Arc spot grouping: An entanglement of arc spot cells
    Kajita Shin; Hwangbo Dogyun; Ohno Noriyasu; Tsventoukh Mi...
    Journal of Applied Physics, 2014-12
  • Transition in velocity and grouping of arc spot on different nanostructured tungsten electrodes
    Hwangbo Dogyun; Kajita Shin; Barengolts Sergey A.; Tsvent...
    Results in Physics, 2014-03
  • Spectroscopic Study and Motion Analysis of Arc Spot Initiated on Nanostructured Tungsten
    Hwangbo Dogyun; Kajita Shin; Osaka Masashi; Ohno Noriyasu
    Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 2013-11
Conference, etc.
  • ヘリウム照射ナノ構造タングステン上でのアークの運動計測
    皇甫 度均; 西島大輔; 梶田信; R.P. Doerner; 田中宏彦; 大野...
  • Inspection of arc trails formed in stellarator/heliotron devices W7-X and LHD
    Hwangbo Dogyun; Kajita S.; Dhard C. P.; Tokitani M.; Krau...
    The 28th International Toki Conference on Plasma and Fusion Research/2019-11-05--2019-11-08
  • Arc behavior on tungsten nanostructure under helium plasma exposure
    Hwangbo Dogyun; Nishijima D.; Kajita S.; Doerner R.P.; Oh...
    34th International Conference on Phenomena in ionized Gases/2019-07-14--2019-07-19
2020-04 -- (current)プラズマ特別研究VB筑波大学
2020-04 -- (current)プラズマ特別研究VA筑波大学
2020-04 -- (current)プラズマ特別研究IVB筑波大学
2020-04 -- (current)プラズマ特別研究IVA筑波大学
2020-04 -- (current)プラズマ特別研究IIIB筑波大学
2020-04 -- (current)プラズマ特別研究IIIA筑波大学
2020-10 -- (current)プラズマセミナーD筑波大学
2020-04 -- (current)プラズマセミナーC筑波大学
2020-10 -- (current)プラズマセミナーB筑波大学
2020-04 -- (current)プラズマセミナーA筑波大学

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