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Nukada Akira

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Refereed academic journal/Refereed international conference paper
  • MRG8 - Random Number Generation for the Exascale Era
    Nagasaka Yusuke; Nukada Akira; Matsuoka Satoshi; Miura Ke...
    PASC 2018: Platform for Advanced Scientific Computing Conference, 2018-07
  • Batched Sparse Matrix Multiplication for Accelerating Graph Convolutional Networks
    Nagasaka Yusuke; Nukada Akira; Kojima Ryosuke; Matsuoka S...
    19th Annual IEEE/ACM International Symposium in Cluster, Cloud, and Grid Computing (CCGrid 2019)/pp.231-240, 2019-05
  • CUDA GPU向けの自動最適化FFTライブラリ
    額田 彰
    情報処理学会論文誌コンピューティングシステム(ACS)/2(3)/pp.107-115, 2009-09
  • High Performance 3-D FFT in CUDA Environment
    額田 彰; 尾形 泰彦; 遠藤 敏夫; 松岡 聡
    情報処理学会論文誌コンピューティングシステム(ACS)/1(2)/pp.231-239, 2008-08
  • Achievement of Linpack Performance of over 1PFlops on TSUBAME 2.0 Supercomputer
    遠藤 敏夫; 額田 彰; 松岡 聡
    情報処理学会論文誌コンピューティングシステム(ACS)/4(4)/pp.169-179, 2011-10
  • Parallel Implementation of FFT Algorithms on Distributed Shared Memory Architecture and Its Optimization
    額田 彰; 西田 晃; 小柳 義夫
    情報処理学会論文誌コンピューティングシステム(ACS)/44(6)/pp.1-8, 2003-05
  • Evaluating the SW26010 Many-core Processor with a Micro-benchmark Suite for Performance Optimizations
    Lin James; Xu Zhigeng; Cai Linjin; Nukada Akira; Matsuoka...
    Parallel Computing/77/pp.128-143, 2018-09
  • LAPACK in SILC: Use of a Flexible Application Framework for Matrix Computation Libraries
    Tomio Kajiyama; Akira Nukada; Hidehiko Hasegawa; Reiji Su...
    Proceedings on the Eighth International Conference on High-Performance Computing in Asia-Pacific Region (HPC Asia 2005)/p.205-212, 2005-12
  • SILC: A Flexible and Environment Independent Interface to Matrix Computation Libraries
    Tamito Kajiyama; Akira Nukada; Hidehiko Hasegawa; Reiji S...
    Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3911 (PPAM2005)/p.928-935, 2006-09
  • A Performance Evaluation Model for the SILC Matrix Computation Framework
    Tamito Kajiyama; Akira Nukada; Reiji Suda; Hidehiko Haseg...
    Proceeding of the IFIP International Conference on Network and Parallel Computing (NPC2006)/p.93-103, 2006-10
  • Distributed SILC: An easy-to-use interface for MPI-based parallel matrix computation libraries
    T. Kajiyama; A. Nukada; R. Suda; H. Hasegawa; and A. Nishida
    Lecture Notes in Computer Science 4699 (PARA06)/p.860-870, 2007-01
  • Toward Automatic Performance Tuning for Numerical Simulations in the SILC Matrix Computation Framework
    T. Kajiyama; A. Nukada; R. Suda; H. Hasegawa; and A. Nishida
    Proceedings of the Second international Workshop on Automatic Performance Tuning (iWAPT 2007)/p.81-90, 2007-09
  • High Performance FFT on SGI Altix 3700
    Akira Nukada; Daisuke Takahashi; Reiji Suda; Akira Nishida
    Proc. 3rd International Conference on High Performance Computing and Communications (HPCC 2007), Lecture Notes in Computer Science/(4782)/p.396-407, 2007-09