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Ishiguro Toshitaka

Faculty of Medicine
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Assistant Professor
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  • 経過中に脂肪成分が顕在化した抗NMDA受容体脳炎関連奇形腫の1例
    齋田 司; 辻 浩史; 板垣 博也; 鈴木 哲; 宮坂 祐輔; 石黒 聡...
    Japanese society for the advancement of women's imaging(JSAWI)/2021-09-03--2021-09-04
  • Diagnosing ovarian cancer on MRI: comparison between deep learning and radiologists.
    Saida Tsukasa; Mori Kensaku; Hoshiai Sodai; Sakai Masafum...
    The 8th Asian congress of radiology./2021-08-13--2021-08-15
  • Diagnostic Approach from Associated Extraorbital Head and Neck Findings in Patients with Orbital Pathology.
    Saida Tsukasa; Sakai Masafumi; Masumoto Tomohiko; Hiyama ...
    The106th Annual meeting of Radiological Society of North America(RSNA)/2020-11-29--2020-12-04

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