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Chihara Ichiro

Faculty of Medicine
Official title
Assistant Professor
Refereed academic journal/Refereed international conference paper
  • Chronoradiation Therapy for Prostate Cancer: Morning Proton Beam Therapy Ameliorates Worsening Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms
    Hiromitsu Negoro; Ichiro Chihara; Akio Hoshi; Hiroyuki Ni...
    Journal of clinical medicine, 2020-07
Other articles
  • "Characteristics of penile cancer in Japan: An analysis of nationwide hospital-based cancer registry data. "
    Tanaka K; Kandori S; Nitta S; Chihara I; Kojo K; Nagumo Y...
    Int J Urol., 2020-06
Conference, etc.
  • 当院でのニボルマブ・イピリムマブ併用療法による免疫関連有害事象の検討
    磯田文平; 田中建; 千原尉智蕗; 新田聡; 南雲義之; 神鳥周也;...
  • 副腎原発Oncocytic tumorの2例
    柳橋 亮太; 星 昭夫; 鈴木 秀平; 千原 尉智蕗; 新田 聡; 古城...

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