Fatwa Ramdani

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Official title
Assistant Professor
Research fields
Computational science
Human interface and interaction
Environmental policy and social systems
Environmental impact assessment
Research keywords
Geoinformatics, Geospatial, Applied Data Science, Remote Sensing
Career history
2021-01 -- 2022-03University of TsukubaPEPPAdjunct Lecturer in GIS and Satellite Image Processing
2014-12 -- 2022-01Universitas BrawijayaFaculty of Computer ScienceAssistant Professor
2007-06Bachelor of ScienceUniversitas Indonesia
2014-09Doctor of ScienceTohoku University
2011-09Master of ScienceTohoku University
  • Geospatial Data Science: Processing and Analysis of Geospatial Data using R
    Fatwa Ramdani
    Pena Persada, 2021-12
  • Geointelligence: Spatial-based Intelligence
    Fatwa Ramdani
    Pena Persada, 2021-05
  • Google Earth Engine: Methods, Techniques, and Applications
    Fatwa Ramdani
    UB Press, 2021-11
  • Curiosity: Scientific Research Methodology in Information Technology
    Fatwa Ramdani
    UB Press, 2019-08
  • Geoinformatics Science: Observation to Validation
    Fatwa Ramdani
    UB Press, 2018-09
  • Introduction to Geoinformatics
    Fatwa Ramdani
    UB Press, 2017-11
  • Salt for living: sustainable practice of salt harvesting in the Cirebonese community and its threat by coastal hazard
    Fatwa Ramdani
    Indigenous people and nature: insights for social, ecological, and technological sustainability/ELSEVIER/pp.577-592, 2022-03
2022-01 -- 2022-04Geographic Information System and Satellite Data Analysis for EconomistsPEPP
2021-01 -- 2021-03Geographic Information System and Satellite Data Analysis for EconomistsPEPP
  • Uncertainty of Geospatial Data and It’s Visualization
    Fatwa Ramdani
    MIPA Talks Series 3/2022-04-22--2022-04-22

(Last updated: 2022-06-21)