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Bakku Ranjith Kumar

Faculty of Engineering, Information and Systems
Official title
Assistant Professor
Mathematical Modelling and Algorithms Laboratory, Advanced Research Building-B 1012&1021
5018(Office extension)
Research fields
Computational science
Functional biochemistry
Career history
2012-07 -- 2013-07TATA Consultancy Services Ltd. (TCS) Assistant Systems Engineer Trainee
2013-08 -- 2014-03University of Tsukuba School of Life and Environmental Sciences Bioinfromatics Research Assistant
2017-12 -- 2018-02University of Tsukuba School of Life and Environmental Sciences Postdoctoral researcher
Academic background
2006-08 -- 2010-03Andhra University Department of Biotechnology Bachelor of TechnologyGraduated
2010-07 -- 2012-07University of Hyderabad Department of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics Master of TechnologyGraduated
2014-04 -- 2017-10University of Tsukuba Integratvie Environment and Biomass Sciences Doctor of PhilosophyGraduated
Refereed academic journal/Refereed international conference paper
Other articles
Since billions of years the evolution of Life has undergone tremendous changes. Our intelligence is advancing towards a stage where we can control our own evolution through science. Today, such advances, especially in life sciences are possible through combination of knowledge from mathematics and computer science. With the advancement in technology large amount of biological data is accumulating, this is just a bunch of numbers and characters. Using computational methods, we can rapidly analyse this data and make a meaningful understanding on biochemical pathways, gene regulation mechanism and many more. So come! let us join our hands and look into biology through computers and contribute to insillico evolution of Life.

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