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List by affiliation(Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences)

NameAffiliationOfficial titlesort descendingResearch fields - keywords
Kaga NobuhiroFaculty of Humanities and Social SciencesProfessorLinguistics, English linguistics -
Kaigo MuneoFaculty of Humanities and Social SciencesProfessorLibrary and information science/ Humanistic social informatics - Digital democracy and pariticipation, Non-traditional threats and risk communication, Usage of SNSs among municipalities for public information, Network society, Research on agenda setting
Kashiwagi KenichiFaculty of Humanities and Social SciencesProfessorEconomic policy - Development Economics, Economy of Middle East and North Africa
Kato YuriFaculty of Humanities and Social SciencesProfessorLiterature in general - Comparative Literature & culture, Slavic literature, culture and language, theory of translation
Kimura TakeshiFaculty of Humanities and Social SciencesProfessorReligious studies, Cultural anthropology, Area studies - History of Religions, Anthropology, Sustainability Studies, Roboethics
Maegawa KeijiFaculty of Humanities and Social SciencesProfessorCultural anthropology - Cultural Anthropology, Globalization and Glocalization, Anthropology of Development, Translative adapttion, Tourism-based Community Development, Area Studies(Oceania)
Maruyama HiroshiFaculty of Humanities and Social SciencesProfessorHistory of Asia and Africa, Cultural anthropology -
Masuo HiromiFaculty of Humanities and Social SciencesProfessorEuropean literature - Marcel Proust, fin de siecle, Wagner
Matsuoka HiroshiFaculty of Humanities and Social SciencesProfessorInternational relations - Kennedy John F., Vietnam War, Cold War
Minowa MariFaculty of Humanities and Social SciencesProfessorEconomic policy, Public finance/Public economy, Area studies - Development Economics, Social Development, Latin American Economy, Poverty, Inequality, Social Mobility, Education policy