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List by affiliation(Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences)

NameAffiliationOfficial titlesort descendingResearch fields - keywords
Shigekawa HidemiFaculty of Pure and Applied SciencesProfessorThin film/Surface and interfacial physical properties -
Shiraki KentaroFaculty of Pure and Applied SciencesProfessor - Protein solution, Protein aggregation, Protein solubility, Regulation of enzymatic activity, Phasing biology
Sohda YasunariFaculty of Pure and Applied SciencesProfessor - Scanning Electron Microscope, Electron Optics, Electron Scattering
Sueki KeisukeFaculty of Pure and Applied SciencesProfessorInorganic chemistry - Inorganic Chemistry(Nucl. and Radiochem.)
Suemasu TakashiFaculty of Pure and Applied SciencesProfessorApplied materials, Optical engineering, Photon science - Applied Physics of Property and Crystallography, Applied Optics and Quantum Optics
Suzuki HiroakiFaculty of Pure and Applied SciencesProfessorNano/Microsystems, Biofunction/Bioprocess - Sensors and Micromachimes
Takemori TadashiFaculty of Pure and Applied SciencesProfessorCondensed matter physics I, Mathematical physics/Fundamental condensed matter physics, Biomolecular chemistry - interventional radiology, Condensed Matter Theory, Quantum Many-Body Simulation, Molecular Biophysics
Takeuchi KiyoshiFaculty of Pure and Applied SciencesProfessorBasic analysis - D-modules, microlocal analysis, perverse sheaves, singularity theory, hypergeometric functions
Takeyama YoshihiroFaculty of Pure and Applied SciencesProfessorBasic analysis - Integrable systems, Difference equations, Representation theory
Tanaka ManobuFaculty of Pure and Applied SciencesProfessor