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List by affiliation(Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences)

Namesort descendingAffiliationOfficial titleResearch fields - keywords
Kim HeeyoungFaculty of Pure and Applied SciencesProfessorStructural/Functional materials, Physical properties of metals/Metal-base materials - Biomaterials, Shape Memory Alloy, Intermetallic, High Temperature Structural Materials
Kim Shinhong(nobuhiro)Faculty of Pure and Applied SciencesSpecially Appointed ProfessorParticle/Nuclear/Cosmic ray/Astro physics - proton anti-proton collider experiment CDF, Higgs particle search, Top quark physics, Bc meson discovery, Bs oscillation observation, high energy physics
Kimura KenichiroFaculty of Pure and Applied SciencesAssistant ProfessorAlgebra -
Kinoshita TamotuFaculty of Pure and Applied SciencesAssociate Professor - Functional Equation, Wavelet Analysis
Kizuka TokushiFaculty of Pure and Applied SciencesProfessorNanomaterials engineering, Structural/Functional materials - material texture , aircraft and automobile materials, CFRP, high-temperature materials, metallic nanowires, nanocarbon, friction, electron microscopy
Kobayashi MasamiFaculty of Pure and Applied SciencesAssociate ProfessorBio-related chemistry -
Kobayashi NobuhikoFaculty of Pure and Applied SciencesAssociate ProfessorCondensed matter physics I, Thin film/Surface and interfacial physical properties, Nanostructural physics - condensed matter theory, computational material science, surface science, nanoscience, nanotechnology, quantum transport, computer simulation, density functional theory, ab initio calculation, nonequilibrium systems, material design, atomic wire, single molecule, molecular bridge, nanostructure, 非平衡系, 物質設計
Kobayashi WataruFaculty of Pure and Applied SciencesAssistant ProfessorCondensed matter physics II - electronic properties, transport
Kohagura JunkoFaculty of Pure and Applied SciencesAssistant Professor
Koike Ken-ichiFaculty of Pure and Applied SciencesAssociate ProfessorFoundations of mathematics/Applied mathematics - Mathematical Statistics