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List by affiliation(Faculty of Engineering, Information and Systems)

NameAffiliationOfficial titlesort descendingResearch fields - keywords
Tsutsumi MoritoFaculty of Engineering, Information and SystemsProfessorCivil engineering project/Traffic engineering - Spatial Data, Spatial Statistics, Real Estate, Property Value, Propery Rent, Land Use, Location Analysis, Geographic Information Science, Geographic Information System, Spatial Econometrics, 道路維持管理
Utsuro TakehitoFaculty of Engineering, Information and SystemsProfessorIntelligent informatics - Natural language processing , Web mining, Language processing by deep learning, Artificial intelligence, Information retrieval, Human-machine communication by speech and language, Understanding and creating entertainment and educational contents
Wada KoichiFaculty of Engineering, Information and SystemsProfessorSoftware - parallel processing, distributed processing, network, simulation, multimedia
Watanabe ShinichiroFaculty of Engineering, Information and SystemsProfessorSocial psychology, Social systems engineering/ Safety system -
Watanabe ShunFaculty of Engineering, Information and SystemsProfessorTown planning/Architectural planning, Social systems engineering/ Safety system - 情報化・ネットワーク社会における建築計画・都市計画
Yabuno HiroshiFaculty of Engineering, Information and SystemsProfessorDynamics/Control - Analysis of Nonlinear Oscillations
Yamamoto MikioFaculty of Engineering, Information and SystemsProfessor - Statistical Natural Language Processing, Human Language Technology, Corpus, Corpora, Language model, Probabilistic model for context
Yano HiroakiFaculty of Engineering, Information and SystemsProfessorIntelligent mechanics/Mechanical systems, Rehabilitation science/ Welfare engineering - Virtual Reality, haptic interface, locomotion interface
Yasunaga MoritoshiFaculty of Engineering, Information and SystemsProfessorElectron device/Electronic equipment, Computer system, Soft computing - VLSI engineering, Computer engineering, Evolutionary Computing
Yoshise AkikoFaculty of Engineering, Information and SystemsProfessorFoundations of mathematics/Applied mathematics, Social systems engineering/ Safety system, Computational science - Mathematical optimization, Mathematical programming, Operations reserach, Service Enginering