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List by affiliation(Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences)

NameAffiliationOfficial titlesort descendingResearch fields - keywords
Adachi YasuhisaFaculty of Life and Environmental SciencesProfessorRural environmental engineering/Planning - colloid, coagulation, dispersion, floc, soil, clay, humic substance polyelectrolyte, 高分子電解質
Aoyagi HidekiFaculty of Life and Environmental SciencesProfessorApplied microbiology, Biofunction/Bioprocess - Plant tissue culture, Biochemical Engineering, Cell cultivation engineering, Nanotechnology, 細胞機能開発工学
Arakawa YojiFaculty of Life and Environmental SciencesProfessorPetrology/Mineralogy/Economic geology, Geochemistry/Cosmochemistry - Igneous Petrology, Petrology of volcanic rocks, Isotope Geology, Chronology, Geochemistry
Asanuma JunFaculty of Life and Environmental SciencesProfessorHydraulic engineering, Environmental dynamic analysis, Meteorology/Physical oceanography/Hydrology - Hydrometeorology, Surface Hydrology, Satellite hydrology, Land-Atmosphere interaction, Boundary Layer Meteorology, Water-related disasters and flood mitigation measures , Flood mitigation measures at Tone River
Baba TadashiFaculty of Life and Environmental SciencesProfessorMolecular biology, Developmental biology, Applied molecular and cellular biology - Reproduction, Infertility, Protease
Chiba ChikafumiFaculty of Life and Environmental SciencesProfessorAnimal physiology/Animal behavior, Neurophysiology / General neuroscience, Developmental biology, Laboratory animal science, General surgery - Neuroscience, Regenerative Physiology, Regenerative Biology, Laboratory Animal Science
Chiba TomokiFaculty of Life and Environmental SciencesProfessorMolecular biology, Cell biology - Ubiquitin, posttranslational modification, protein degradation, stress response
Enomae ToshiharuFaculty of Life and Environmental SciencesProfessorWood science, Cultural assets study and museology - Paper, Coating, paper cultural properties, paper electronics, paper sensor
Ezura HiroshiFaculty of Life and Environmental SciencesProfessorScience in genetics and breeding, Horticultural science, Applied molecular and cellular biology - Plant molecular breeding, Plant biotechnology, Vegetable crop science/Floricultural scienc, Applied genomics, Tomato Genomics
Fukuda NaoyaFaculty of Life and Environmental SciencesProfessor - Horticulture, Environmental control, Light environment, Hydroponics, Artificial lamp