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List by affiliation(Faculty of Art and Design)

Namesort descendingAffiliationOfficial titleResearch fields - keywords
Hotokeyama TerumiFaculty of Art and DesignProfessorArt at large - 絵画, 油絵, 美術, 芸術, 表現, 造形, 美術教育, 制作実践
Iida YoshihikoFaculty of Art and DesignAssociate ProfessorEnvironmental and ecological symbiosis, Environmental agriculture(including landscape science), Geography, Conservation of biological resources - Landscape conservation, Phenology, Biocultural diversity, Ecosystem services, Climatic risks, Sustainability, Regional studies, International cooperation, Satoyama and satoumi, Urban green space
Ikeda MarikoFaculty of Art and DesignAssistant Professory Human geography, Art at large, Area studies, Tourism Studies, Geography - Urban Space, Culture, Berlin, Music, Consumption, Club, Night-time Economies, Night-life, Tourism
Ishizaki KazuhiroFaculty of Art and DesignProfessorEducation on school subjects and activities - Art Education, Art Appreciation, Appreciation Skill, Art Appreciation Repertoires, 熟達化, 転移, 学習理論, 支援ツール, 教材開発, Franz Cizek
Ito HiromuFaculty of Art and DesignAssociate ProfessorEnvironmental agriculture(including landscape science) - 開発観光計画, 風景計画, 森林・地域計画
Ito SetsuFaculty of Art and DesignProfessorDesign science - Design (Product, Industrial, Space, Interior, Packaging, Graphic, Advance, Interaction)
Jeong YeonkyungFaculty of Art and DesignAssociate ProfessorArt at large - art & design
Kadoya TakuFaculty of Art and DesignAssociate Professor
Kaijima MomoyoFaculty of Art and DesignAssociate Professor - Architectural Behaviorology, Architectural Design, Architectural Design, Spatial Composition, Urban Space, Architectural Ethnography, Drawing
Kamiura YutaFaculty of Art and DesignAssistant Professor - 構成学