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List by affiliation(Faculty of Art and Design)

Namesort ascendingAffiliationOfficial titleResearch fields - keywords
Yoshida NahokoFaculty of Art and DesignAssistant ProfessorArt at large, Education on school subjects and activities - Art Education, Art Environment Support, Steiner Education (Waldorf Education), International Comparison, Well-being, Collaboration Learning, International Art Festival
Yoshida MasahitoFaculty of Art and DesignProfessor - Nature Conservation, Natural Heritage, Protected Area, Invasive Alien Species, Environmental Assessment
Yamanaka ToshimasaFaculty of Art and DesignProfessorEating habits, Cognitive science, Kansei informatics, Design science - Kansei Science, Design, Cognition, Information Science, Interface Design, Analysis and Evaluation, Creativity
Yamamoto SariFaculty of Art and DesignProfessorDesign science, Architectural environment/Equipment, Clothing life/Dwelling life - Color Environment, Color Science, Sign Design, Landscape, Public transportation Design, Environmental Psychology
Yamamoto MikiFaculty of Art and DesignAssociate ProfessorArt at large - Picture books, manga, Graphic Narrative, illustration
Yamamoto HiroyukiFaculty of Art and DesignAssociate Professor - 日本画制作, 材料研究, 人物表現, 写生, 構図, 岩絵具, 墨, 胡粉, 膠, 古典技法, 古典模写
Yamada KyotaFaculty of Art and DesignAssociate ProfessorTown planning/Architectural planning, Architectural history/Design, Area studies, Design science - Emerging Architecture, Local Dwelt Environment History, Local Dwelt Environment Design, Anthropology of Design / Design Anthropology, South Asia and Indian Ocean World, Post-Nationalism, Colonial City
Yamada HiroyukiFaculty of Art and DesignAssociate ProfessorDesign science -
Yagi HaruoFaculty of Art and DesignProfessorFine art history - 中国, 南北朝時代, 隋, 唐, 仏教美術, 彫刻, 壁画, 墓葬美術, 陶俑, 陶磁器
Watari KazuyoshiFaculty of Art and DesignAssociate ProfessorDesign science - environmental design, placemaking, site planning