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List by affiliation(Faculty of Medicine)

NameAffiliationOfficial titlesort ascendingResearch fields - keywords
Arai NorihitoFaculty of MedicineAssistant Professor
Aramaki MaieFaculty of MedicineAssistant Professor
Deguchi NaokoFaculty of MedicineAssistant Professor - 学校保健、医療社会学
Doki ShotaroFaculty of MedicineAssistant Professor
Fujita RyoFaculty of MedicineAssistant Professor - muscle stem cell, muscular dystrophy, regenerative medicine, Exercise, skeletal muscle, tissue specific stem cell
Fukushige MizuhoFaculty of MedicineAssistant ProfessorEpidemiology and preventive medicine, Parasitology (including sanitary zoology) - Neglected Tropical Diseases, Schistosomiasis, Meta-analysis
Fukuzawa RiekoFaculty of MedicineAssistant ProfessorLifelong developmental nursing - ドゥーラサポート、周産期ケアの国際比較、プライマリヘルスケア、尺度の翻訳と文化的改変
Funakoshi YujiFaculty of MedicineAssistant ProfessorGeneral physiology, Biological pharmacy - 脂質性シグナル伝達, 低分子量G蛋白質
Goto RyoheiFaculty of MedicineAssistant ProfessorMedical sociology -
Haginoya HiromiFaculty of MedicineAssistant ProfessorClinical nursing, Fundamental nursing - ストレスの評価 看護技術 看護教育