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List by affiliation(Faculty of Medicine)

NameAffiliationOfficial titlesort descendingResearch fields - keywords
TANAKA MAKOTOFaculty of MedicineProfessorAnesthesiology - baroreflex, safety of epidural anesthesia, clinical applications of α2-agonist, postoperative analgesia, 術後鎮痛
Tabuchi KeijiFaculty of MedicineProfessor - Otolaryngology, Inner ear, Middle ear surgery, Head and neck surgery
Tachikawa HirokazuFaculty of MedicineProfessorPsychiatric science - Clinical Psychiatry, Molecular Genetics, Suicide Prevention, Internet Psychiatry, Mental Health, Voice Analysis, Disaster Psychiatry, Community Psychiatry
Takada HidetoshiFaculty of MedicineProfessorPediatrics, Immunology - 原発性免疫不全症, 自然免疫, 自己炎症性疾患, 小児リウマチ, 自己免疫疾患, 小児血液疾患
Takahashi SatoruFaculty of MedicineProfessorPathological medical chemistry, Developmental biology, Immunology, General anatomy (including histology/embryology) - Developmental biology, Developmental technology, Metabolomics, Immunology
Takano ShingoFaculty of MedicineProfessorNeurosurgery, Metabolomics, Radiation science - Angiogenesis, brain tumor, hypoxia, vascular endothelial growth factor, endothelial cell, endothelial progenitor cell, glioma, glioblastoma, pituitary adenoma, acoustic neurinoma, craniopharyngioma, primary CNS lymphoma, meningioma, skull base surgery, chordoma, pediatric neurosurgery, neuroendoscopy, 小児脳神経外科, 神経内視鏡
Takeda TaichiFaculty of MedicineProfessor
Takei YosukeFaculty of MedicineProfessorGeneral anatomy (including histology/embryology), Psychiatric science, Cell biology -
Takekoshi KazuhiroFaculty of MedicineProfessorEndocrinology, Sports science, Laboratory medicine, Human genetics, Applied health science - 遺伝子ドーピング(特に遺伝子編集)の検出法開発, 血液ドーピング(自己輸血ドーピング)検査法開発, 新規生理活性物質「レナラーゼ」の研究(糖尿病薬への応用), 新しい運動マーカーとしてのcfDNAの研究, 褐色細胞腫の遺伝子診断 , 遺伝カウンセリング, アンチドーピング教育、とくにアスリートのゲノムリテラシー教育, 遺伝医学教育, 褐色細胞腫の生化学的診断法(血中遊離メタネフリン、3-メトキシチラミン)
Takekuma Katsumata AsakoFaculty of MedicineProfessor