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List by affiliation(Faculty of Medicine)

NameAffiliationOfficial titlesort descendingResearch fields - keywords
Shibata YasushiFaculty of MedicineProfessorNeurosurgery, Radiation science, Emergency medicine, Neurology - Brain tumor, cerebrovascular disease, Radiological diagnosis, Headache, 医療マネージメント, MRI, SPECT, Migraine, Critical pathway, brain injury
Shidara MunetakaFaculty of MedicineProfessorBasic / Social brain science - motivation, goal-directed behavior, single unit recording, reinforcement learning, reward expectancy, decision making, pattern recognition, visual noise
Shiga TakashiFaculty of MedicineProfessorNerve anatomy/Neuropathology, General anatomy (including histology/embryology) - Developmental Neurobiology, Development and Plasticity of Brain, Genetic and Environmental Factors
Shimano HitoshiFaculty of MedicineProfessorMetabolomics, Metabolomics, Molecular biology -
Shimazui ToruFaculty of MedicineProfessorUrology - Urological Oncology, bladder tumor, renal cell carcinoma, prostate carcinoma, tesuticular tumor, renal pelvic and ureteral tumor, metastasis, invasion, carcinogenesis, cell adhesion molecule, gene expression, microarray, peptide transport
Shoda JunichiFaculty of MedicineProfessorGastroenterology, Applied health science, General internal medicine (including psychosomatic medicine), Environmental physiology (including physical medicine and nutritional physiology), Molecular biology - Liver disease, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, cholestasis, intrahepatic transport, bile acid, transporter, biliary disease, gallstone disease, cholesterol metabolism, gallbladder function, hepatolithiasis, cholangitis, gallbladder carcinoma, mucin glycoprotein, mucin glycoprotein, oncogene, glycomedicine, oxidative stress, transcriptional factor, molecular targeting therapy
Sugiyama FumihiroFaculty of MedicineProfessorLaboratory animal science - Development of genetically induced mice
Sumida TakayukiFaculty of MedicineProfessorCollagenous pathology/Allergology - 臨床免疫学
Suzuki YasuyukiFaculty of MedicineProfessor - 先天性心疾患外科治療、補助循環、人工臓器、血液生理
TANAKA MAKOTOFaculty of MedicineProfessorAnesthesiology - baroreflex, safety of epidural anesthesia, clinical applications of α2-agonist, postoperative analgesia, 術後鎮痛