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List by affiliation(Center for Computational Sciences )

Namesort descendingAffiliationOfficial titleResearch fields - keywords
Horie KazumasaCenter for Computational Sciences Assistant ProfessorIntelligent informatics - 機械学習, 生体信号処理
Inagaki YujiCenter for Computational Sciences ProfessorEvolutionary biology, Biodiversity/Systematics - eukaryotes, orgenelle evolution, molecular evolution, genome evolution, protein facotrs involved in translation, gene duplication, lataral gene transfer
Ishizuka NaruhitoCenter for Computational Sciences Associate ProfessorParticle/Nuclear/Cosmic ray/Astro physics - Lattice field theory
Kameda YoshinariCenter for Computational Sciences ProfessorIntelligent informatics - Image Understanding, Multiple Camera Observation, 3D Shape Reconstruction, Sensor Fusion, Multimedia Processing, Massive Sensing, Mixed Reality, ITS, Distant learning
Kitahara ItaruCenter for Computational Sciences ProfessorIntelligent robotics, Intelligent informatics, Human interface and interaction, Multimedia database, Sports science, Natural disaster / Disaster prevention science, Biomedical engineering/Biomaterial science and engineering, Cultural assets study and museology, Earth system and resources engineering - Computer Vision, Free-Viewpoint Video, Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality, Computational Media, Image Processing, Deep Learning
Kobayashi RyoheiCenter for Computational Sciences Assistant ProfessorComputer system, High performance computing - GPU-FPGA cooperative computing, Reconfigurable Computing System
Koizumi HiroyasuCenter for Computational Sciences Associate Professor - 銅酸化物超伝導、量子コンピューター
Kuramashi YoshinobuCenter for Computational Sciences ProfessorParticle/Nuclear/Cosmic ray/Astro physics - Lattice Gauge Theory, QCD, Computational Physics, Tensor Network
Kusaka HiroyukiCenter for Computational Sciences ProfessorMeteorology/Physical oceanography/Hydrology - Urban climatology, Mountain meteorology, Numerical simulation, Climate in the Southeast Asia, Climate Change, Heat stroke prediction, Wind power generation prediction
Maeshima NobuyaCenter for Computational Sciences Assistant ProfessorCondensed matter physics II - 光物性理論, 半導体超格子, 励起子, 光誘起相転移, 分子性導体, 密度行列繰り込み群