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List by research field(Atomic/Molecular/Quantum electronics)

Namesort descendingAffiliationOfficial titleResearch fields - keywords
Hattori ToshiakiFaculty of Pure and Applied SciencesProvostOptical engineering, Photon science, Atomic/Molecular/Quantum electronics - terahertz waves, ultrafast spectroscopy, terahertz spectroscopy, hydration, metamaterials, terahertz sensing, nonlinear optics, gel, liquids, proteins, waveguide, water
Hino Ken-ichiFaculty of Pure and Applied SciencesProfessorCondensed matter physics I, Atomic/Molecular/Quantum electronics - light-matter interactions, laser, coherent phonon, Topological Insulators, strongly-correlated electron system, photo-induced phase transition, Foloquet state, exciton, resonance phenomena, quantum dynamics, quantum control, coherent control, non-linear optical response, low-dimensional semiconductor, superlattices, Wannier-Stark ladder, many-body problem, electron correlation, multi-channel scattering problem
Kuno YoshihitoFaculty of Pure and Applied SciencesAssistant ProfessorAtomic/Molecular/Quantum electronics, Mathematical physics/Fundamental condensed matter physics - Topological quantum matter, Cold atom
Tomita ShigeoFaculty of Pure and Applied SciencesAssociate ProfessorAtomic/Molecular/Quantum electronics - clusters, fullerenes, fragmentation, electron, capture
Yoshikawa MasayukiFaculty of Pure and Applied SciencesAssociate ProfessorPlasma science, Atomic/Molecular/Quantum electronics, Nuclear fusion studies - Plasma, Nuclear Fusion, Spectroscopy, Pellet, Microwave, Beam Probe, Thomson scattering