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List by research field(Fluid engineering)

Namesort descendingAffiliationOfficial titleResearch fields - keywords
Asai TakeshiFaculty of Health and Sport SciencesProfessorSports science, Fluid engineering - Sports technique, Sports equipmen, Sports fluid mechanics, Sports coaching
Kanagawa TetsuyaFaculty of Engineering, Information and SystemsAssistant ProfessorFluid engineering, Thermal engineering, Hydraulic engineering, Mathematical physics/Fundamental condensed matter physics, Biomedical engineering/Biomaterial science and engineering, Medical systems, Biological physics/Chemical physics/Soft matter physics, General applied physics - Mathematical Fluid Physics, Multiphase Flow Theory, Bubble Dynamics, Nonlinear Acoustics, Nonlinear Wave Theory
Kyotoh HarumichiFaculty of Engineering, Information and SystemsProfessorHydraulic engineering, Fluid engineering - 微細気泡生成に関する技術開発と流体力学的解明, カーテンコーティングにおける液膜生成方法と数値的予測, 土壌洗浄・分級・分離に関する研究
Monji HideakiFaculty of Engineering, Information and SystemsProfessorFluid engineering - Multiphase flow, Bubble, Jet, Dispersed Two-Phase Flow, Image Processing, Liquid-Solid Two-phase Flow