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List by research field(Dynamics/Control)

Namesort descendingAffiliationOfficial titleResearch fields - keywords
Asai TakehikoFaculty of Engineering, Information and SystemsAssistant ProfessorBuilding structures/Materials, Dynamics/Control, Control engineering/System engineering - Structural Control
Date HisashiFaculty of Engineering, Information and SystemsAssociate ProfessorIntelligent mechanics/Mechanical systems, Dynamics/Control, Control engineering/System engineering - Nonlinear control, Autonomous mobile robot, Snake like robot
Isobe DaigoroFaculty of Engineering, Information and SystemsProfessorStructural engineering/Earthquake engineering/Maintenance management engineering, Building structures/Materials, Dynamics/Control - Computational Mechanics, Structural Engineering, Robotics, Finite Element Method
Kanagawa TetsuyaFaculty of Engineering, Information and SystemsAssistant ProfessorFluid engineering, Thermal engineering, Foundations of mathematics/Applied mathematics, Mathematical physics/Fundamental condensed matter physics, Dynamics/Control, Biomedical engineering/Biomaterial science and engineering - Mathematical Fluid Physics, Multiphase Flow Theory, Bubble Dynamics, Nonlinear Acoustics, Nonlinear Wave Theory
Kawabe TohruFaculty of Engineering, Information and SystemsProfessorControl engineering/System engineering, Dynamics/Control, Mathematical informatics - Control systems, Hybrid systems, Modelling, Optimization, Signal processing, Brain Machine Interface, Electric Vehicle, Smart city, Bio Inspired Technologies
Mizutani KoichiFaculty of Engineering, Information and SystemsProfessorMeasurement engineering, Electron device/Electronic equipment, Electronic materials/Electric materials, General applied physics, Optical engineering, Photon science, Dynamics/Control, Civil and environmental engineering, Plant protection science, Agricultural environmental engineering/Agricultural information engineering - Ultrasonic Electronics, Optical Computing, Optical Measurement, Optical Computerized Tomography, Scanning Probe Microscope, sound and ultrasonic measurement
Wakatsuki NaotoFaculty of Engineering, Information and SystemsAssociate ProfessorDynamics/Control, Measurement engineering - Simulation, visualization, vibration sensors and actuators, acoustical engineering, musical acoustics and inverse problems., 逆問題
Yabuno HiroshiFaculty of Engineering, Information and SystemsProfessorDynamics/Control - Analysis of Nonlinear Oscillations
Yorozu AyanoriFaculty of Engineering, Information and SystemsAssistant ProfessorIntelligent robotics, Dynamics/Control, Intelligent mechanics/Mechanical systems - Intelligent robot for human-harmonious collaboration, Task and motion planning, Human and environmental sensing, Field robotics