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List by research field(Gastroenterology)

Namesort ascendingAffiliationOfficial titleResearch fields - keywords
Yamada TakeshiFaculty of MedicineAssistant ProfessorGastroenterology - Cancer stem cell, 臨床腫瘍学
Tsuchiya KiichiroFaculty of MedicineProfessorGastroenterology - cancer stem, IBD, intestinal differentiation, 炎症性腸疾患, 消化器内科学
Shoda JunichiFaculty of MedicineProfessorGastroenterology, Applied health science, General internal medicine (including psychosomatic medicine), Environmental physiology (including physical medicine and nutritional physiology), Molecular biology - Liver disease, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, cholestasis, intrahepatic transport, bile acid, transporter, biliary disease, gallstone disease, cholesterol metabolism, gallbladder function, hepatolithiasis, cholangitis, gallbladder carcinoma, mucin glycoprotein, mucin glycoprotein, oncogene, glycomedicine, oxidative stress, transcriptional factor, molecular targeting therapy
Sakamoto TakuFaculty of MedicineAssociate ProfessorGastroenterology -
Okada KousukeFaculty of MedicineAssociate ProfessorGastroenterology, General medical chemistry - Hepatology, Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis
Matsusaka SatoshiFaculty of MedicineProfessorGastroenterology, Tumor diagnostics, Laboratory medicine - Liquid Biopsy, Biomarker
Matsui HirofumiFaculty of MedicineAssistant ProfessorGastroenterology - 消化器病学, 酸化ストレス応答
Hasegawa NaoyukiFaculty of MedicineAssistant ProfessorGastroenterology -
Fukuda KuniakiFaculty of MedicineProfessorGastroenterology -